:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Sometimes you don't see the little sprouts as they first emerge. Unless you are looking for them. There are so many forms of distraction that are basically designed to keep you down, to prohibit your successful release of positive energy into the world of life.
I am not going to propose any major conspiracy theories, but let's just say there is a powerful network of people, places and other various energies that really don't want your light to blossom, or your fruit to ripen. They will lose when Goodness wins. So they do everything in their power to steer you away from various points of light.

And now, a parable...
You came to this carnival to ride the Ferris Wheel, to go around, up and down, and take that experience with you when you return back home.

But as you are walking down the fairway towards the Ferris Wheel, there are merchants and vendors lining the sides, each one calling to you with a promise of prizes, or they taunt your with lies about pride. "Win a giant lion for your lady their pal...it's easy." all the while knowing their device is a trap. They want to take your dollars to keep you off that Ferris Wheel. "Step right up! You sir! All ya have to do is pop one balloon!" The gentleman in front of you takes the bait, you see him an hour later walking toward the exit with nothing.
Do you ignore the distractions,
or do you keep on walking straight for the goal?

Open your eyes wide enough to see
those tiny sprouts of light poking forth.
Ignore the distractions.
Focus on the goal...

What is the goal?
To glow in the dark.

Become a source of brilliance in this dim place.
Teenage Jesus That, Sir or Ma'am, is good stuff.

"Many hear the calling, but few have correct change for the pay toilet."
june yes it should be done, but not by me or my other good friends
i don't want to be THAT alone
no one else believes
no one else cares
and they will call us all liars and haters
Seeds of Light In fact
a seed must die
and be buried
before it can produce

l i f e.
why OOps...

Tell One
unhinged the TRUE light (my i've been using too many caps lately)

the great eternal white light of healing compassion inside of all of us

this was the light of jesus and it is not his alone; it exists in all of us and not as the light of jesus but as the light of compassion common to all sentient beings. it's the same light that causes your cat to curl up with you on the couch when you feel like shit. it's the same light struggling to shine in the bum's eyes as he approaches you for your change. it's the same misplaced light that makes you cry when you watch a gut_wrenching movie. a light that belongs to all of us in a general sense without throwing the name of jesus around. and more along his lines. isn't idol worship a sin?
missionary While emotions are powerful, I don't feel that they are a "Healing Light". Compassionate sentiments can repair damaged relationships and infuse new life into dampened moods, but can a kind gesture toward transients or the nurturing affection from a loyal pet cause sight to be restored to a blind person?

We all can love one another. We all have the ability to give. But would you die for a person you didn't even know, who wouldn't even be born for another 50 generations, born from a race that your cousins and countrymen considered ethnically inferior?

An enigmatic, dramatically composed score when harmonized with a climactic plotline can invoke inner warmth, compelling even tears of joy.

But the world has never seen Light Shining as Brightly as it was in Jesus, before nor since.

A withered, deformed, crippled hand
Stretched out and made whole.

A lost friend, dead and buried

An Idol? You can find those at the Chinese Restaurant in my neighborhood.

But Jesus, and his name, will one day soon command the genuine, heartfelt respect displayed by every human knee that ever was

bowing in unison.
The Heretic OR NOT 041211
42 usc 1983 Of course, those "idols" in Chinese restaurants represent a belief system over which Christianity cannot claim superiority. But hey, it's fun to marginalize whole classes of people. 041211
Mahayana In attachment, blossoms fall; in aversion weeds spread 041212
thieums My brain seems to be slowly growing out of my head, sprouting rays of light in all directions. I feel like a cupcake swallowed by a vagina, all moist and sweet, then the teeth erase my drowned memories. 140128
unhinged karma_is_my_lamp 140128
flowerock The first piece here is beautiful.

I feel this way about living in cities versus forests or wild spaces. I am missing so much of the deep connection to life, to real life, reality, growth, death, the whole cycle... I feel alive and included out in the woods or mountains or deserts... the city is full of bustle and little pockets... too much going on to really connect and so many connections to choose from... but it's all just with ourselves, the humans, faces and hands and coffee cups, bicycles and cars, what about all the other critters? and plants? and the life in forest floor litter? the fungus and the life that springs from decaying tree trunks?
what's it to you?
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