Zy do sponges ever have bad days? do they ever worry about their haircuts? 010920
yufap If I were a sponge, I'd be a yellow one, living in the sea. I'd eat, and get fat, because I'm so sessile. We sponges have much to worry about. Especially us domesticated ones. Remember, I clean your toilet, or the toilet of someone you know. 010920
Zy a golden toilet 010920
yufap Pure gold toilet seat, you mean. I am a pure gold sponge to clean a golden toilet seat. 010920
June sponges don't really clean toilets though, there are special scrubbers for that. and besides, do you know how much those health-food stores sell sponges for? man, do they have the life. 010922
CheapVodka Sponge Bob Square Pants! "Leave My Brain Alone!"

or Sponge_Bob_Square_Pants
crimson coral 030924
june that is so fake and a lie

i didn't blathe the above
someone stole my name and went back in time
what's it to you?
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