spoken i'm new to blather and i'm thoroughly enjoying this community of anonymous self expression

i have been feeling more creative and loving the outlet for my mental clutter that this venue is allowing

i have also been enjoying reading blathes posted by other blatherskites
some of you are downright entertaining and hold me captive to your every word

and some of you are filled with wise and unique insight into life
your shared experience brings new knowledge to me that i appreciate whole heartedly

just thought i'd post here if anyone is interested in becoming friends sharing blathes with me that you think may be of interest or if you just wish to comment on something i've blathed about

here i am
meta . 090423
oren blatherquotes 090424
f yar.. why don't you writ something someone can undrerstand for once? 090424
oren funny_as_fuck_blathe 090424
ambermoon your not to bad yourself 090425
what's it to you?
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