yummychuckle i think the heart is too useful an organ to give extra attention to as the symbol for love and all that bullshit. i think another body part should be given the credit of generating emotion. like the spleen.
so from now on, my spleen will hurt, not my heart.
nocturnal when you have mono, one of the ways it can kill you is that your spleen expands and can explode. that's gotta hurt. 010707
KingZoog under a vast gray sky, on a vast and dusty plain, I came upon a statue in gold of the old King's spleen. 030320
spleenish vent it. 040729
dandy here? now? in front of everyone?

can I?


I'm off to sites on spleen.

vent there more safely by lulling myself into coplacency bred on overstimulation until collapse into shower
Psyched the question is... what is a spleen actually used for? do spleens really exist? Or are they just something that medical institutions market as one of those things you better keep healthy.. and say things like "oooh... you have SPLEEN cancer, you better pay us lots of money or you'll die" 051018
what's it to you?
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