spiregrain "Come, friends," screamed the glass-faced Spiregrain, forgetting his dignity, "let us begin to live again!" And catching hold of their shoulders, he walked them rapidly down the corridor, his head held high, his mortar-board at a rakish angle. Their three gowns streamed behind them, the tassels of their headgear also, as they increased their pace. Turning this way and that, almost skimming the ground as they went, they threaded the arteries of cold stone until, suddenly, bursting out into the sunshine on the southern side of Gormenghast, they found ahead of them the wide sun-washed spaces, the tall trees fringing the foothills, and the mountain itself shining against the deep blue sky.

-Mervyn Peake, 'Gormenghast' Ch. 13
Grievance this book I will read. 020105
spiregrain "Everything's exploding, and the cars are crashing, and everybody's happy!"
-The Flaming Lips
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