Splinken http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/health-public-affairs/mhcs/publications/BHC_3375.html

lookie. scroll down to the part about the funnelweb spiders. the area of australia described in the article is EXACTLY where i will be living this time next year.

please remember to check inside your shoes before putting them on.
iron man does whatever an iron can big ol' daddy longlegs hidden in the space between the swamp cooler and the wall...

wow... must be a good 4 inches from the extreme end of one leg to the extreme end of its diametric opposite.

and all of its old skins litter the edges of the web
emily ewwww....god, i hate spiders... sometimes i can kill the little ones but even they scare me.....those big, hairy, wolf ones always like to wait until i'm naked and just starting to get wet in the shower to walk out from behind the shower curtain and walk casually around the bath tub rim....eww! 000621
whirligirl Wierd and Gilly, the spiders from Mars
Ziggy Stardust like some cat from Japan
Tank satan's spawn. 000621
grendel he played it left hand
he could lick 'em by smiling
Matthew Fear on eight legs, a graceful hunter that causes revulsion no matter how diminutive. A strange sort of attraction where you take on the symbol of the spider in order to claim some if its awe for your own. 000622
lokkust So where were the spiders
While the fly tried to break our balls
grendel screwed-up eyes
and screw-down hair-do
I quoth "People who aren't scared of spiders are SCUM. They should all be killed"~ Phil Jupitus 000724
god (GIANT SPIDERS) of shame 010212
ASS FACELY ((((GIANT)))) 010218
girl_jane the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout

down came the rain and washed the spider out

out came the sun and dried up all the rain

and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again
Ziggy Stardust spiders_talk_alot_you_know 020308
Ziggy Stardust spiders_talk_a_lot_you_know 020308
frightened..Grievance I once watched a discovery channel special on them. Apparently in Japan and Korea and some other places there is a spider so big that it can bite through a thick leather boot, and it likes to hide out in peoples gardens, and when you disturb its nest it gets very aggressive and has even been known to chase people down and bite through their thick leather boots and still poison them. This thing scares the hell out of me. 020308
jackie "spider spider on the wall" mc cracken giant_spiders_of_shame

they're what's_for_dinner
lycanthrope i reach down and touch everything, even though i know a bite is waiting, even though i know the pain will be instant, my hand cannot help but fall on it, roughshod, awaiting its approval, its rejection, its very real venom. 020308
KindreDSpirit daddy-long-legs
once seemed so friendly

my own daddy told me
(on a camping trip once)
don't be afraid
they can't hurt you
when they walk on your arm
they just tickle, see?

they huddled
high in the outhouse corners
and i watched amused
and sang to my friends
as they marched down the wall
leg after leg
while my short legs dangled

then i heard

that these friendly spiders
were deadliest of all
but with jaws far too weak
to pierce our skin

i imagine the look
of shocked surprise
in the little eye-clusters
on the face of the first
ever to try and taste a human

and now i know that they march
out of bitterness:
curses! foiled again!
stamping their tiny octo-feet
at mandibular inferiority
at charles darwin
at life in the outhouse
and most of all

at pink tasty children
who call them friendly spiders.
the spider man on candystripe legs 020318
Toxic_Kisses My mother told me about a customer whose husband had gone to sleep one night and when he slept a spider laid its eggs in his eardrum, and than they hatched and instead of leaving out of his ear they went farther in, they went into his brain and he ended up dieing a slow painful death.

After hearing that I suddenly can't stand spiderz(!) and I now sleep w/ earplugs in my ears
kill rhythm spiderman 020518
ISpyASpider Well, well, well.... what do you know? Giant spiders can talk! 030918
oon (farky) giant_spiders_of_shame 030918
anythingbutcryptic and doing it. and doing it. and doing it well.
sarah jones - your revolution

your revolution will not happen between these thighs...

holy fuck i thought the wall had grown some brown splindy legs but it was a daddy long legs approximately thirty centimetres from my naked face. what a strange spider, really, when you look at it closely,

its legs/
it tiptoes,
no, it... skitters
skutters / changes from one direction
to the next!
its legs / so thin like
its body like a tiny compact rectangle!

i got my maths book and whacked it gently.
the body stuck to the wall
a leg got cut off and stuck to the wall also, folded into a slight triangle
the leg,
the spider
was still

im going to leave it there. like i left that mosquito for two months, about forty centimetres higher on the wall. and sometimes i will look at it and think about life and death. or just look at it. to contemplate its stillness.

is that weird? is that random?

my friend rang me up, "whats up?
"i killed a spider"
"youre more random than i thought you were," he says.

he tells me about his girlfriend and he wants to get to third base and hes gonna give it to her. "till she moans."
we giggle.
i tell him how i forgot about my resolution to do it before im eighteen.
he tells me hes resolute about doing it before seventeen.

its 4:39pm.
RoxRoxx "Stick Around" said the Spider to the Fly 091010
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