klairchen When I was four I had some problems.
I was hyper and sugar is a well known hyperactivator.
So I wasn't allowed many popsicles.
Well, I would take the spatula with the wooden handle-stick and sit on the front steps and lick it like it was real.

I wanted the neighbourhood and the passing cars to think I was licking a real popsicle.

This leads naturally to my unfulfilled quest for the: fruitrollup.
barrass are you free tomorrow? 001102
Toxic_Kisses spatula spatula spatula spatula spatula spatula
Gawd I love that word! it's just so fun to say!
spatula spatula spatula spatula spatula
some times I'll say it out loud for absolutely no reason other than the fact that its fun to say.
You know I wonder how it would feel to get spanked w/ one, hummmm.
psychobabe spork- spoon + fork
foon- fork + spoon
knoof- knife + spoon
spife- spoon + knife
fife- fork + knife
knork- knife + fork
optic discrection Spatula ... would you ever think that it would mean something to stir something with ... whoever thought up of such a word ... but it's cool =)

Sounds like something you would make an ode to ...
Oh spatula! There you stand by the mixer, the measuring cups, all who are infernal to you.

You stir and your mix ... creating masterpieces for all to enjoy ...

Spatula, spatula ... wherefore art though oh spatula?
spoons spatula city 020810
pipedream i love my rubbermaid spatula. it scrapes bowls like magic. my cook uses it to make omelets and thinks i haven't noticed the frayed edges. as if- i know my cooking babies inside out ;) 030318
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