amorfus it's pastably the best 000531
silentbob oh i love spaghetti more than i love campbell's beef soup. i'd have it every day until i got sick of it.
i love it espeically with ragu spaghetti sauce. traditional. oh yes. yes yes! how orgasmic!
silentbob hakjshdfkljashdlkhaflskdhfliaudhlfkjasndk 000903
carden add spaghetti sauce to ramen's really good, trust me 010522
Casey meatballs, you can never have to many meatballs on your spaghetti 010610
kitchen bird goes BAM! before adding them to your sauce, simmer your meatballs on low heat in the following solution:

take about 3-4 tablespoons each of rosemary, fennel, fresh basil and oregano and add them to a about two cups of water, a very light sprinkle of lemon juice to raise the acidity just enough to allow the flavor to penetrate things just a little more and some salt (to taste), boil the seasonings in the water until they hit a good rolling boil, drain the liquid through a sieve into a saucepan, take the boiled seasonings from the sieve place them in a towel or cheesecloth, wringing the last of the liquid out of them into the suacepan. place the meatballs in the stock on VERY low heat so as not to scorch them as they should already be cooked.
cover them and let them simmer for a five to ten minutes using more time and more heat depending on the size of your meatballs
dB Cheers bird. I'll do that. Sounds tasty. 010611
nocturnal I would have agreed to try it, except he made a reference to Emeril. I HATE that guy. He annoys the shit out of me and he's misrepresenting my city with that crap! 010611
unhinged i swear to god i blathed under this word a few days ago. spooky. 010611
birdmad i don't take Emeril as a cultural reference

but i do get a kick out of the guy.

i think he's a lot less annoying than old Justin Wilson ("I garon-TEE!")

and not all creepy like that Frugal Gourmet guy.

ah, well, we can't all like the same things (life would be boring if we did)
Dafremen The BEST food program in the WORLD is a show called "Good Eats" on the Food Channel. It's like Bill Nye the science guy meets the Iron Chef. He's awesome and his show is far and ahead the farthest ahead of all the shows that are behind it. : ) 010612
unhinged yeah...'good eats' is great. the combination of the science behind cooking and those weird little story lines make it totally cool. that's another reason why i miss food network around here. 010613
Dafremen Ok, now don't let this get out, but I'm going to tell you a little secret:

Some bargain brand canned raviolis taste BETTER than both Franco American
(which no bad..even for canned.) and Chef-Boy-Ardee (Which is only SLIGHTLY better than Franco American and WHO told these people that the more sugar you put into a marinera sauce the better?)

In particular I like a brand called Bon-Italia which is the store brand for a chain of discount grocery stores we have in Illinois called Aldi.(Aldi products are cool. It sez right on the cans and packages that if you're not satisfied with ANY of their products, you can return to the store for a full questions asked. And they mean it too, I returned some generic ramen that sucked once just to see if they'd refund my money.)

Although NO canned ravioli can hold a candle to the REAL thing...Bon Italia is the best that I think canned ravioli can get.

So next time you're looking around and you see those cans of Springfield or Lady Lee or SureFine or Kroger or Cub Foods brand raviolis. Pick one up. Hey they're cheap enough that you can throw it away if it sucks and you never know,
you just might find an inexpensive tasty snack to boot.
unhinged dude, i eat that. i totally know what you are talking about. aldi rocks and so does their ravioli. but for some reason people look at me weird when i walk in there. maybe it's because i'm not carting around a baby with me or i was only buying canned ravioli and grapefruit juice. i couldn't figure out which. 010613
kingsuperspecial as long as your not carting around canned baby, you should be okay.

I have a GREAT recipe for really simple, easy to make, cheap marinara. You can make TONS of it, and store it in the fridge, freeze it, add meatballs, halibut, canneloni beans, veggies, whatever. I'll post it if anyone wants me to.

Wayne after having lived with roommates on and off for a long time i can say it's true that man almost lives on spaghetti alone 010614
blodge lucky,

last time i went through the roomate drag, the last month of the ordeal was nothing but pb&j for me, and the occasional remnant of leftovers

and they had the nerve to bitch about my attitude

spaghetti would have been heaven.
Dafremen I've missed pastas more than ANYTHING during this diet. But I made my target weight of 165 last week,(down from 210 To0t To0t) and so I indulged in some pasta the other night.

I had pizza and ravioli, spaghetti and lasagna....then manicotti and tortellini and then a tasty angelhair pasta primavera.

A little minestrone soup, a tossed green salad with oil and vinegar dressing with spinach garnish and a canoli for dessert.

Not coincidentally, I am now back at my starting weight of 210 pounds. Sigh.

Rice cakes alfredo tonite.
Sagicadabra Oh, yeah; pasta's the reason I fell off my last diet. Me and pasta are so in love with each other right now. And my favorite sauces at the time are from Newman's own. They taste really good--especially the italian sausages one. I love it all!! 060103
the end faux ground round with prego on spaghetti noodles in a cat-shaped bowl was my supper today. 060103
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