birdmad the thought of the warm, cloying licorice-like flavor hitting my stomach sends a queasy wave through me even now.

it had been solace until it became sickness... when that day came, i poured what remained of my last bottle down the drain
Lemon_Soda Not a bad drink but when I think of this phrase I think about walking arm in arm down the street on a warm summer day, walking over broken sidewalks and smelling sweet flowers. I loved doing that. 050512
Piso Mojado Sitting at 'the Spot' in La Canada
Perched on concrete foundation of a house
surrounded by glass shards broken by endless weekend drunken youths
Noon on a Saturday
Drunk, syrupy swigs of Southern Comfort between drags of endless Parliaments
Squinting at the smoggy view of Glendale panoramic before us
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