anti-social butterfly i love this place. the only thing i have in atlanta that can even come close to it is littlefivepoints and virginia highlands. those places rock but are not nearly as huge as south street. anyone else like this place? i especially love the wooden shoe bookstore. i am not an anarchist, but this is an anarchist bookstore with great books and buttons and such. there is a lot of informative stuff there. 011127
ilovepatsajak i remember melissa with her "i survived mt. misery" shirt. she told me i should visit south street. i should write her. 011128
ilovepatsajak i wore the necklace she made for me today 011203
ilovepatsajak jessie says it reminds her of edward scissorhands. 020107
jane he lives on south street, but i'm afraid to give out his address as he may receive some more carbon in the mail 060327
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