sabbie for i have met a number of them so far
and i hope to meet
many more
soulmate i don't know if i believe that soulmates really exist, because i don't think i've met mine yet. 031106
connie And I will search eternally. 031106
no reason i've been toying with the idea
and wondering how likely it is to be soulmates without being lovers
it's seeming possibly possible
nonihi sabbie's right.
you've many, you know.
look around.
just another teen soulmater no reason
i'm feelin' that statement.
it's possibly possible at the moment... who knows, though.
i wonder if it's better this way.
Lemon_Soda soul mates is a ridiculous idea. What if your "soulmate" gets hit by a bus before they ever meet you?

I'll tell it to you straight on this one, there is no such thing as "soulmates". Believing in soulmates is telling yourself you can only fall in love with and be happy with only ONE person, ever, and if the afore mentioned accident or any other unfortunate circumstance happens, your screwed for the rest of your life without them. Its hollywood trash that people buy because nobody seems to understand that what you put in your brain stays there. You may think its n ot affecting you, but it is.

You want a "soulmate"? Then sit down with yourself and decide whats important to you in life and go find someone else who thinks along the same lines. You also need to remember that everyone is different, which means nomatter who you go for, their not going to fulfill your every expectation. Compromise and exceptance are the only way relationships work out.

Stop romanticizing the idea and Mr or Mrs Perfect is out there, because noone is perfect.

And if you want a "10 out of 10" to be with you, don't you think you need to be a "10" too.

And one last piece of advice: If you don't know for certain who you are and what you stand for you've got no buisness trying to be in a relationship.
flag lemon soda - you've gone off..
you are like a bad boat ride.
misstree my darling beverage,
did i miss the memo where there is a single soulmate?
many are the members
of my tribe and family
and occasionally among them
is a mate

each one is, eew, not perfect,
perfect is boring,
not to mention impossible,
but overwhelmingly,
undeniably Right.

a single soul mate would be silliness;
why would the tree that loved
him ago
have the same tastes as the tree
found five years down the line?
ten? a thousand?

but i love with the entirety of my being,
when i do.
yup shenanigans 060614
Lemon_Soda flag: You might have to spell that one out for me. All I got out of that is I promised to be more fun than I am and ended up being rough and annoying. If thats what you meant than feel free to get out and swim.

Sis: I have witnessed alot of people act like they think that way about "soulmates" and for some reason my usually pleasent demeanor spiked with the urge to slap people so hard the force would turn them into human bobble heads.

misstree i hiss and spit at the thought
but i can't deny how horrible the hunt
for someone who so much as understands
my groans and growls, much less
is proper partner
and i am taunted by memory
that once there was.
fishbowl you are, mine
when i
laugh into your skin.
when you crouch beside the driver-side window and stare at me as i struggle to leave.
when i
take you in
to, on
my toungue
pressed, like flowers
like heat on glass
your sweat misted
your scent twisted
with every beat of the fan.
struggling alive, struggling
hushed laughter. quiet screams.
gasp, dimmer, gaze.

toungues that forgot to
talk when they learnt to
taste what does she taste like?

you are,
narcisstic_grapes are links in a chain. they break. they rejoin. the vapuorize. here now, gone already -is that you who i want?- they don't exist. soulmates. 060725
jazna I would like to think they exist. 081109
hsg i'm fairly certain that we're all soulmates. that doesn't cheapen it nor is it possible for us to get out of. 081204
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