Toxic_Kisses Could you please help me?
It seems like I misplaced my soul-
I must have left it somewhere
Or else someone must have stolen it
(Those streetside preachers like to do that)
Have you seen my soul?
It didn't look like much, small and a little grayish
But, it was mine ,
And I'd very much like to have it back.
Oh, and I forgot to mention
It sort of had a body with it-
A confused kind of thing
You wouldn't notice in a crowd
(Unless it was eating licorice;
then you could tell by the line on its lips, which it probably wouldn't wipe off,
It's such a ninny).
I was used to it, though,
And I sort of miss it.
Give it a push my way if you see it;
Maybe it will wander back.
And, if you have time
Could you please
Pick up a conscience for them
After finding them?
I wouldn't ask,
but you see,
The conscience wandered off a while ago,
Claiming that it was ignored.
I tried to replace it
with a recording
of the emergency broadcast system,
But the recording just doesn't seem to work
If I ever find them again
I'll look into getting a future for them
Nothing too fancy, I suppose,
Just something they can muddle through on their own -
something durable, useful,
in one basic color or another.
If only the back yard had a fence,
I wonder if we'd be in this predicament.
- - 100121
() ( i am ) 100122
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