Dafremen Soothing Blue Like Grayscale Ribbons
by Roger Dafremen

Gray, black and white rippled soapstone ribbons
In my hand, glowing sparked orange shooting-star glow
In the calm of the afterglow, oh soothing blue tranquility
Cover my soul in golden harmony as cools in my hand
Gray, black and white rippled caramel ribbons.

Gray, black and white dappled porcelain pieces
In my office, cool, inviting in its stillness
In my head waiting children dance for the stillness
Basking in stillness and soothes right along
Gray black and white happy porcelain pieces.

Gray, black and white are the colorful pictures
The faces and pictures that come to entice me
That beckon and bid me to stay in the quiet
Be whole in the silence, to know in the silence
Gray, black and white hidden colors, in ribbons.
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