Barrett "Tired of being alone"
Al Green

A Perfect Circle
Barrett "I'm Not The Only One"

I probably should have called this "songs the heartbroken should avoid"
silentbob Most the songs off of "Wish" by the_cure

and disintigration for that matter.
chanaka anything by fiona apple....unless you want to become MORE depressed 001126
Rhin Regardless of being heartbroken, or not, when I am blue, I always listen to Nina Simone. Somehow she always seems to make me feel worse, or better. 001126
otis redding i've been loving you too long... 001126
birdmad "ever fall in love" by the buzzcocks

"she makes me wanna die" by tricky
diggle you shouldn't have fallen in love with. 001126
jennifer "great expectations" soundtrack

~our lady peace

"dimming soul"
~michelle malone

"calm" and especially "let you go"
~lori amey

post script
everyone I play "let you go" for
ends up either crying or
flipping me off going
"fuck you, jen"
amy "Nothing Compares 2 U" Prince or Sinead O'Connor 001127
miniver Dvorak's "Song to the Moon"

In the beginning of the opera "Rusalka", she (Rusalka) sings to the moon about her love for a human Prince (she is a water nymph).

Anyway, he ends up rejecting her.

And they both die, too.
birdmad "the beautiful ones" from the purple rain soundtrack

"eye" - smashing pumkins

"alone again (or...)" - the damned

"why does my heart feel so bad" - moby

"is it a crime?" - sade
amy yeah, i like that moby one, too.

"Mercy" Sarah McLachlan
"And So is Love" Kate Bush
"I May Know the Word" Natalie Merchant
god "river", by joni mitchell 001128
jennifer great giant list o' sadness:
guster "barrel of a gun"
barenaked ladies "when I fall"
ben folds five "evaporated" and "cigarette"
blue moon ghetto "shine all the time"
bush "letting the cables sleep"
dido "honestly ok"
drugstore "superglider"
huffamoose "james"
mamas and the papas "dream a little dream of me"
morcheeba "almost done" and several others
mazzy star "she's my baby"
oingo boingo "insanity" (always)
natalie merchant "this letter" and "my skin"
nine inch nails "something I can never have" and "the great below"
r.e.m. "I found a way"
radiohead "creep" and "lovesick punchdrunk singalong"
sarah mclachlan "when she loved me" and "do what you have to do" (hell, anything by sarah mclachlan)
sarah vaughn "black coffee"
tool "sober"
sheryl crowe "home"
seal "don't cry"
and, for some odd reason:
the "scream 2" soundtrack
Rhin I agree...anything by Sarah McLachlan. Actually, I have not listened to her for over a year. I don't think I will ever listen to her again. 001201
kent In the Light-Led Zeppelin 001201
chanaka i am writing all these songs down and finding them on napster! ah, depression 001201
Barrett WARNING! Really fuck'n depressing:
"If" by Pink Floyd
birdmad " sleeping_beauty " by a perfect circle
" home " by depeche mode
" don't_think_twice " either the original dylan version or Mike Ness' cover
"Pictures of you" the cure
"missing" everything but the girl (the todd terry remix)
"mechanical animals" marilyn Manson
"tourniquet" Manson
"you're not alone" Olive
"If god will send his angels / one / with or without you" --- U2
"train in vain" the_clash
"is it a crime" -- Sade
"presence that lament brings" Wynton Marsalis
--any rendition of Moonlight Sonata--
"so far away" -- social distortion
"so far away" -- dire straits
"king_of_pain / message_in_a_bottle " the police
"color me once" -- violent_femmes
"in a lonely place / crazy mixed up kid / blood and roses / drown in my own tears" -- the smithereens
"there is a light that never goes out / i know it's over / please please please let me get what i want " -- the smiths
"oh, l'amour" --- erasure
"paint_it_black" --stones
Barrett "You_cant_Quit_me_baby" by Queens_of_the_stone_age 001201
somebody Baby I need your lovein
Phoebe Snow
Natural Wonder

Baby I need your loviní
Baby I need your loviní

Although youíre never near
Your voice I often hear
Another day, another night
I long to hold you tight
ícause Iím so lonely

Baby, I need your loviní
I got to have all your loviní
Baby, I need your loviní
Got to have all your loviní

Some say itís a sign of weakness
For a man to beg
Then weak Iíd rather be
If it means haviní you to keep
ícause lately Iíve been losiní sleep

Baby, I need your loviní
I got to have all your loviní
Baby, I need your loviní
Got to have all your loviní

Empty nights
Echo your name
Sometimes I wonder
Will I ever be the same

Oh yeah, when you see me smile
You know
Things have gotten worse
Any smile you might see
Has all been rehearsed

Darliní, I canít go on without you
This emptiness wonít let me live without you
This loneliness inside me darliní
Makes me feel not alive, honey

Baby, I need your loviní
I got to have all your loviní
Baby, I need your loviní
Got to have all your loviní

Baby, I need your loviní
I got to have all your loviní
Baby, I need your loviní
Got to have all your loviní

you've not broken my heart yet, but I can feel it begining to crack somewear deep within
...........................................please stop hurting me...............
what's it to you?
who go