amy there are some musics that enter through my crotch and travel up my veins and fill my face with enormous appreciation. 981016
emma There are a lot of really good ones, but the bad ones far outnumber them.

On second thought (blather), that's the way it is with a lot of things, isn't it?
dallas I think you might be doing something wrong if the songs are entering through your crotch... or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I'm pretty much up for anything that enters through my crotch, though.
adam i love songs by acid bath 990801
emsie I love that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that sends shivers up your spine when you hear a song you really love. 990801
Jim songs, (at least some but we'll leave that to taste, which is inhibitive anyway)
Songs (the capturing of human spirit, emotions, dreams and such universal things)cleansing and worthy escape
where would we be without?
Art is the wiping away of the dust of everyday life
wesleann It's the kind of song you could lose yourself in. I close my eyes and can see myself falling through the stars in a half-dream. 000124
fyn gula moby play 000203
camille 000203
amy i think the world should know that the Girl with the Sun in Her Eyes by Orbital is actually the *exact same song* as the Man with the Child in His Eyes by Kate Bush. it's a rip-off. 000313
a i write the songs that makes the whole world sing. well he does anyway. 000313
The Flying SuperPetis flyingsuperpetis: Listening to the white album today.
ericvhack: oh yeah?
flyingsuperpetis: No one makes music like that anymore.
ericvhack: nope.
flyingsuperpetis: It is needed.
flyingsuperpetis: I think.
flyingsuperpetis: Yes, needed indeed.
Lazy Orange! freedom in music
its not for the money
the money disgusts me
money isnt freedom
money is death
money is jail
music is freedom
Norm The best drink songs are as follows.

Bro Hymn - Pennywise
Dust on the Bottle - David Lee Murphy
Beer - Reel Big Fish
not an angry girl an endless fascination of words and punctuation or not. i could stare forever i'm on an endless search i hunger for the words. the words i can't say the words they can. i can't remember algebra or history or where i was ten years ago but i will always remember the countless words and feelings and tears and smiles and laughter and hatreds and passions and shivers that cover me.

*and who are you now? and who are you now? that you can pretend that it'll all work out. subtract out the impact, and the fall is all you get. so here's 2 beers to remember why and 3 more to forget. i loved you, so what...* (ani difranco)
lou_la_belle A lark, caught in a hunter's net
Sang sweeter then than ever,
As if the falling melody
Might wing and net dissever.

At dusk the hunter took his prey,
The lark his freedom never.
All birds and men are sure to die
But songs may live forever.

(i took it from a novel i read...not sure where it came from before that. but, i like it. :) )
Lint Lover I want to inspire desire in him
I want him to write love songs
for me, to me, about me

Corazon de Oro by Rancid is my song
Me i love songs with real meanings, whee you listen to the lyrics and know what they mean, and when they mean exactly what you want them to so you put it ona tape and give it to someone that you've been struggling to tell something to. The songs withmeaning express my feelings well. 040913
Sintina This one's just for you, Japan-man.

Our dominoes of indiscretions
run to and through each other's hearts
you, her, me, him, falling all around,
in cycles, in circles
as sexual beings

Last night we saw each other through
the smokey air, both longing:
Can't you feel the weight of my stare?
We're so close, but still a world away
Days away where I lay,
Considerately killing the
hissing snake of your fear
Open up our hearts again,
you should have cried,
so should have I,

We should leave, get away,
Run in fields of time.
We have no reason left to hide.
But divided are we who dance,
for our souls are so exposed:
Recalling all the times
you have died and will die again
Recalling all the skin I've shed
It was only what they put me through
that made me feel alive,

And the snake didn't drown, it seems.
Days will come that make no sense
I will always love you, but
I can't live like this.

Then, weary and downhearted,
I sing with Judea's river
fills me up with hope and goodwill.
The will to go on.
It's a song I sung to you,
in a time you don't remember
when our feelings were too few.

I am too connected to you
to slip away, to fade away
Means alot to hear you say that
days away, I still feel you, too
Touching me
Changing me.

On the days of pain or anger
More than wanted is all I feel
towards any guy who doesn't see
All that is me, all that is real.
For as they float the flimsy surface,
living illusion,
looking for something to reign,
I feel I am all that is true and more
than you'll love, hate, have, cherish, want, crave, need, dream, hold, or see.

And today the walls came down.
And as I looked into your eyes,
recalling all those times,
my fear begins to fade.
I can still feel you, too
touching me changing me.

And I know
You're not like all the other girls,
You won't take it like the other girls
But are we
Ending with letting go?
Ending with letting go?
Let's pretend, happy end?

And we'll temporaily pacify,
and cater to the hollow?
Stare into the sun,
Self-inflicted pain?
It doesn't have to be that way.
It's alright, It's okay.
Welcome to this life.

We can bridle this indiscretion
Long enough to edify
and permanently fill this hollow.

Isn't that what we want?
Or do we know?
swears the misfortune sing your own songs. 070703
what's it to you?
who go