. .. .. . .. .. . . 020826
curious toys right now. 020826
:( sometimes=always 020827
distorted tendencies Actually I love myself too much. 020827
little bug sometimes i wanna kill 020827
~gez~ not right now, life ist gut 020827
gene everyone has a place, i know mine
in bed where i was born
where i'll live, where i'll die
gene i can feel every twisted dead bone
i have seen the city
it's young, their hopes
the townboys roaring by
sometimes i wanna to die
gene you can feel every pulse of your blood
reminding you that days slip on by as they should
but nothing has been done
you rarely see the sun
a house barely clean never could
bring yourself to rise for a life
fantasize of diving in the deep end
the water offers great things
what's it to you?
who go