autumn my dark self.

but only her words.
Isaou The innocent, cheerful, smiling child I used to be.

Then I think of the things that have happened since then, the good things, and I find myself cheerful and smiling once more, but no longer innocent.

But when the bad things enter my mind, I long once again for the sunny playground of before, of before this change.
benny profane despite myself,
i believe it's still possible
to find innocence again.
maybe only for the space of
a moment...
but isn't that all it
ever was?
jane going to school. but then i think about the homework , the finals, the drinking, the fucking, and i'm thinking... i'm doing okay now. 071001
confucioussay??? me. sometimes i miss me.... 091011
camille someone just holding me...embracing me just being there for me..being there because they want to be with me..

...long embrace and the feelings it encapsulates ...yes that's what i miss
In_Bloom @camille:
You've just described The Everything
that which makes it feel safe to give up to sleep
that which makes it a joy to open your eyes to in the morning
that which you are strengthened and booned by during the day to where it feels shadows can't touch you
camille In_Bloom....your words are like a soft breeze..thank you 100612
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