dallas sometimes I find a word that hasn't been blathed, and I think to myself, "here's my chance to be a real trail blather." 980916
Kasey sometimes, not all the time, or everytime, but some - times; it's the filling that has no committment, it's like the creamy white stuff in oreo cookies, it's not the cookie but it's part of it. 981110
e sometimes and words like it exist in this nether world of things that aren't, but aren't nonexistent either. Because it's a swidge.

"You blather, don't you?"
"Well, sometimes."

It's a copout, is what it is.
k every once in a while i send him these cryptic messages. sometimes i wish he'd ask me if what i wrote was about him. he never does. 981120
adam sometimes i get the feeling im being watched...mabye by what i write maybe words stalk me. 990211
deadpilot sometimes skittley-bump-bump jaberwocky nosireebob, notgonna blather 990216
kat sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. 990405
daxle It doesn't matter to me if it really is only sometimes. I change it to always or never to hyperbolize. 990422
stephen sometimes, only sometimes,
I question everything...
I'm the first to admit,
When you catch me in a state like this,
I can be tiring... so embarrasing...
heidi75 no one "never" or "always" does something. Hyperbole is our enemy. 990615
groovinkim i answer sometimes to questions a lot
and people say "why can't you make up
your mind?" and i say "i have. that's
my answer." and they give me this
annoyed look as if all situations
must be looked at from a black and
white perspective. what a narrow world they must live in....
lee Even the desert blooms, sometimes. 990719
OTK since depeche mode is quoted i shall compound the sin.

King's X:

Sometimes I sink
Sometimes I climb
It all fits in
It's all in time
me sometimes the easy life
is on the corner, just some time
away from now
lokkust never always 991107
Alexander Beetle not all of the times, only Sometimes. 991116
elimeny sometimes i abhor these field i have released myself unto.

sometimes i kick myself for letting you go, though i thought YOU were the one letting ME go.

sometimes i walk these familiar streets, and nothing is familiar; i have no home.

sometimes i call out your name, but i know you dont hear, so i muffle my hysterical cries in a once-friendly pillow.

sometimes i miss my loved ones, and worry, and realize there's not a damn thing i can do about it.

sometimes i think you're the only one who cares, and yet the only one who should care the most, who cares the least.

sometimes it hurts.

sometimes my spirit is ready to give up, so i become defiant and pouty, and turn my head at everything, saying I dont care. But i do. i really do. but i do hurt. so i just say "so there", just to make it seem like i really mean it this time.
enna sometimes the world turns slowly
sometimes the day's too long
sometimes i find i'm crying
sometimes i find i'm strong

sometimes i have to let life be
sometimes life is too much for me
sometimes life angers me
but most times, more than some times
i'm fine
girl i get so tired and no amount of sleep can revive me. its the kind of tired that i can only escape when im in your arms. 000326
whirligirl today i got up at 10, took a 3 hour nap, and want to go to sleep again. insatiably hungry. but withdrawing is good for something... girl. 000615
candace sometimes i'm convinced of what i know to be true, then the second i turn around i see what a fool i've been, amongst thousands of the same. but they haven't turned around yet. 000630
Tank sometimes i can't believe the amazing things that happen to me. i get in states so suffused by love that i feel like crying and reaching out and spliting open my chest so my heart could show you all exactly how wonderful it is to be alive... 000707
FoxFire4000 SOmetimes wake me out of my walking dream.
Im sleepwalking with my head under my pillow.
claw sometimes I wish that I could just get the words out. I have all these beautiful things to say to you, but they always come out wrong. Sometimes, if you could hear my thoughts...if you could really hear what I'm trying to say.

sometimes I wish I wasn't so vulnerable to you.
Ariadne sometimes i want to live.
sometimes i want to die.
sometimes i want to relish my pain, carving little scratches into my skin.
sometimes i want to smile.
sometimes i have to cry.
sometimes i want to hug eveyrone and everything.
sometimes i want to tear out peoples' hearts the way they've torn out mine and then feed their bloody, broken hearts to the "curs in my soul"
... sometimes the worst secrets are told in silence. 010209
chanaka sometimes i do really stupid things, and i can't help it.
please please please please please let this not be one of these sometimes.
i will try really hard to be good.
sometimes my emotions get the better of me, and the end result seems to always be horrible. is it possible to change this trend?
as this sometime passes, another one approaches
elana sometimes i want to scream and cry untill i choke on these words that dont come close to expressing my pain.
its all your fault! you did this to me! die! die! die!
but i dont mean it, not because i dont have those feelings toward you, but because i did it to myself.
aimee is never quite enough 010309
mikey sometimes your lather of essense which remains always in my memories what was once an US and a WE is now a MEMORY and at times thoughts of you still tickle my fancy and it makes me want to cry. 010309
pleasedrivefaster sometimes i spit in the shower. because the water drips down my face and mixes with soap and fills up my mouth. and i think it's disgusting, but i can't stop.
sometimes i want to kiss my friends who are girls. and i think i'm more afraid of that than forever holding onto boys who should be gone and forgotten.
sometimes i want to cry just for sympathy. for hugs.
sometimes i want to wear bandaids when i'm not even cut.
Your secret Admirer we all need a little air to breathe
a little water in the lungs
fill up, suffocate, gasp
Last secods to life
Robert sometimes I think I'd like to blow my brains out with a gun. I can even see the splatter on the wall. Sometimes I think, I'll fall down the stairs and wind up a heap on the bottom all legs and arms. Sometimes I think that I think too much. 010407
unhinged it hurts me just to look at you 010408
Chrity go to:
focus isn't is sometimes, you can totally fall for someone, without hearing their voice, even though you know it's the most beautful voice ever. Isn't it wonderful how you can be so close and know each other so well with only words? At least i think it is. i'm falling faster with each word she says to me. 010419
katie sometimes i float in a chocolate sea among marshmellow lifeboats 010505
Shugarhi Sometimes it feels like it will all fall away and my heart will bleed purple ink upon my hands, defacing sounds of love. 010517
rubydee sometimes i wish i was a boy 010610
kelleymae sometimes it his picture in my wallet. and i wonder exactly how i woke up one day too old to feel free and too young to feel trapped. you make this life for yourself with your head in the clouds, your body on auto pilot. but sometimes, just sometimes, when you wake fits. 010621
baby satan sometimes britney spears cries, and all she really wants is to hold you tight. but it took a shitload of meat market songwriters to evince that. 010622
JessieLee Sometimes in winter people stand huddled in a circle, clenching their mitten covered paws around a steaming cup of coffee. Sometimes it's funny... in Florida. 010625
Casey Sometimes I take the long road to go buy my victims, but if I do I have to drive fast, because they start to smell and puff up like balloons 010625
girl sometimes im afraid that im losing a little part of myself everyday and i have never been able to think of a way to stop or reverse it 010808
GrayWolf Sometimes, I'm afraid.
Afraid to do something I might regret.
Yet the only regrets I have are the chances I never took. Should I take that chance?
Norm sometimes I read the stuff on blather about how depressed you feel and how once you were in love and it hurt. Thats when I want to go on a long winded speech about how I'm depressed but then I think again and say to my self "I'm not depressed. I'm just tired." and then I go to sleep and when I wake up and feel right as rain, like a million bucks, brand new even, and then I smile. I'm curious weather I was even tired, let alone depressed, to begin with. 010829
mauthe doog i said.
"well, what is life then?"

"whatever it wants you to be."
MollyCule sometimes i wish i was more important to you, and sometimes i just want to get the hell away before you destroy me too. 010830
kuru Amen to that, Mollycule. 010830
Inanna Sometimes I think too much. 010830
unhinged i wish that i was a numb girl. no feelings, no likes, no dislikes, no nothing. just a girl, who walked from place to place with a blank stare and could look everyone in the eye with her cold empty ways. just a girl that could always speak the truth because it meant nothing more than lies and deceit. i just want the pain of you to go away. gone like yesterday's breeze and cool weather. gone the way the waves make you travel from place to place. there are always other things i could immerse myself in. 010830
adio sometimes I blather
sometimes I just read the writing
and wonder where it's all going to end - where is all this writing going?
entertain the world it says a lot about us, hither and thither, blither and blather 010902
Sharon even sunshine burns if you get too much...

These are words from a poem I,m looking for on the web, do you know it?
everything and nothing ... I pretend I'm someone else.. and I live a better life. Everything goes the way it should and I'm happy.
... I wish I could believe him when I know I shouldn't.
... I cry myself to sleep.. no wait.. that should go under all_the_time
TalviFatin I feel like a motherless child 011106
Jenna sometimes while working at my computer in the middle of the night I'll feel 3 or four ants crawling across my right hand. I'll look and...


Sometimes I feel as though I surely must be going insane. Check out conversation_with_my_stomach.

Oh yeah.

is slowly going completely mad.
Aaron sometimes i feel like i got to -duh-duh- run away...... 011116
erin. it's hardly always, isn't it? 020305
g h o s t i wish there was a sometimes for me to compare against.

it's always or never, and worst of all it never slants toward the "glass half full" theory
blown cherry sometimes I wish I hadn't read peoples blathes.
sometimes they're so accurate, they twist a knife in my heart that I hadn't even realised was sitting there, letting me bleed to death, before I read their words.
Joana. I_feel 020512
blackie it hurts more than yuo could ever want to know. 020518
blackie it hurts more than you could ever want to know. 020518
tgrey but definitely not now. 020606
Syrope Sometimes When We Touch

You ask me if I love you
And I choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly
Than mislead you with a lie
And who am I to judge you
On what you say or do?
I'm only just beginning to see the real you

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you 'til I die
'Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

Romance and all its strategy
Leaves me battling with my pride
But through the insecurity
Some tenderness survives
I'm just another writer
Still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter
Still trapped within my youth

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you 'til I die
'Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

At times I'd like to break you
And drive you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through
And hold you endlessly
At times I understand you
And I see how hard you've tried
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by
At times I think we're drifters
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
But then the passion flares again

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you 'til I die
'Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you 'til the fear in me subsides.

if we had an our_song, i think i would want it to be this one...
Perspective_Of_Soul It is there sometimes.
Those feelings, those thoughts.
Perhaps i am just seeing what it is that i want to see without noticing the false hopes i am embracing.
Why do i do this to myself ?
I set myself up for soul shatterings.
always SOMETIMES...

when you cry,
no one sees your tears.

when you are in pain,
no one sees your hurt.

when you are worried,
no one sees your stress.

when you are happy,
no one sees your smile.

But fart just ONE TIME...!
blown cherry Sometimes our stars seem far apart
and the skies fly far away
we lie on different planets which are ill aligned
but perhaps thats only the forecast for today.
GirlNamedLover they day goes by so slowly 021111
oak barrel sometimes...
I want to talk to you again
I want to do things with you
I want to know you
but I always want
to undo the things I never wanted to have done anyway
niska I'm wrong. I am human, you know 030301
silentbob sometimes i wonder what those really long blather titles have in them. arguments? inside jokes? keys to existance? i guess i'll never know, because i'm too annoyed to open things that say stuff like


the truth is out there
User24 yeah, I'm not sure about my opinion on underscore_connected_phrases

Also, I've noticed a whole load more of them recently, it's actually getting hard to find real words in the who blathes lists. (of course, I'm as 'guilty' as any)
Al Ayah synonymous for always and forever? it may be.
sometimes, at least.
Dustin I have nothing to say because I am usually preoccupied with falling apart.....* 030509
endless desire sometimes needs hope. 030512
Scorshie Sometimes
I miss
You more
Whenever I'm at home.
Bizzar Sometimes you make me so mad.
That I want to just stand up and walk out of your life.
But I dont.
I just sit there and hold it in.
Until you do something stupid
Just to make me laugh
-And I HAVE to laugh
cant hold it in.
And thats when I forgive you
without even realizing it.
ferret sometimes this makes sense, most of the time it doesn't. sometimes i'm happy, sometimes in sad. sometimes i do really stupid things. sometimes i do really great things. sometimes i make people laugh, sometimes i laugh at other people. someimes i make other people cry, sometimes other people make me cry. sometimes i cry. sometimes i just feel like sweating_wineglasses. 030601
jane seems to be more of a filler word
but it holds a lot more power than it knows
x you have to remember who you are 030613
ferret or lose sight of what you can become 030616
Arwyn I'm just not okay 030928
silentbob sometimes i am tempted to post when people are arguing. Then i hesitate. then the temptation passes. and i don't post.

I think of that as a good thing.
misstree disagrees with everyone about everything whyfor? you tend to be less inflammatory than some of us around here (not me, of course... ahem...), and all opinoins are welcome, and you tend to point out things that both sides are missing, if i am recalling your interjections properly.

and even if you are being inflammatory and repetitive, well, that's upholding a time-honored tradition.
RoXXXie sometimes my mind don't shake a shift
but most of the time it does
when i get to a place where I'm begging for a lift
or i'll drown in the wonder and the was
a aaashole 040105
knot meat you don't say the right things. say fuck it. sometimes it hurts, but what can you do? the river doesn't flow backwards. 040214
. . 040224
white_wave sometimes i do things i regret
sometimes i hate things i've done
and sometimes it makes me hate myself
sometimes i make mistakes because i feel i can't help it, or can i?
white_wave also thinks sometimes i do stupid things, that embarrass me and make me want run and hide. i think i can control those things because there is always something to be learned from mistakes. 040224
kamiwhodoesntmatter as she said, sometimes the day goes by so slowly
time turns over, somnolently
bumping into frames,
playing drunken games...

but still, it looks so lonely.
notme hey white_wave!
i_do_stupid_things too
misunderstood sometimes i wish i could be like you. sometimes i wish i knew all those games and how it feels to fuck everyone over. SCREW YOU. 040413
kookaburra i dont believe in time 040703
Strideo ethics are conceptual
time is physical

the rules of ethics are what ever society perceives

the rules of time are absolute no matter how we choose to perceive them

where am I going with this anyway?
kookaburra ok buddy (sorry to break the sometimes theme, but)
where have you been?
*taps foot angrily*
Strideo I just moved to a new house and I haven't gotten an ISP of my own yet (doing that very soon though). I didn't even have a land line for about a month, I was just using my cell phone.
kookaburra oh.
welcome back!
Strideo I'm at a friends house now soaking up some blather time. (aahhh internet . . . )
Strideo thanks! you should be seeing more of me soon.
sometimes they come back sometimes_they_come_back 040703
x twisted x sometimes its not worth it. 040705
lacunas coil sometimes i lay in bed and wonder what it's all about. i let the bland cieling spin as i attempt to seperate my body and my spirit, failing to do so as the sweat forms at my brow. then, after a moment of complete exertion, i give up and am freed.

the gentle hum of the computer screen in power-saver mode keeps me constantly aware of the passage of time, but beyond that i simply exist inside of myself. my body is wracked by shiver after shiver, but i am unable to shake them off.

the music is playing in the background. sigur ros takes me away and lets me breath again. i feel as if i can seperate the polluted pockets from the pure ones.

i slip into a dreamless state for an hour.

waking up i am numb and elevated. its like when as a kid when i'd be sick for weeks at a time i'd watch the resucers down under over and over until the tv seemed so far away and distant. i'm unable to move with any great clarity of action.

christmas steps climaxes and again i am lost.

pass me through the moon, my love. let the dreams continue. i hallucinate and am hit by another wave of shivers. another hour passes before i try to breath on my own again.

sometimes i just need to leave this world behind, no drugs required.
nonlucid I want to write something on a page, want to leave my mark (think I have words) but then read the words of others, and feel humbled by their beauty and don't want to desecrate it with a flippant comment or just a long ramble about something random, want to write something meaningful that deserves to be on the page, something poetic and beautiful, up to the standards of what's there

so I say nothing
puredream leave it to others to see the beauty in your writing...

even though you may not always see it yourself, I do.
lacunas coil Cheers, puredream. 040716
clementine i think it's perfect. even through our flaws. i think we are the only ones that could handle eachother.
sometimes when im with you i don't want to be. and then when i'm not with you i do. i want all of this to make sense. i can't expect you to know what i want if i don't tell you. that's not fair. but sometimes i think you should just know. like now.
you act serious and then you back away. i know i do it too, but i am trying. i am trying to open up. to trust you. but sometimes you make it hard.

and sometimes you make it too easy.
nighean_siofra sometimes
i wish i had never met you
me i wish you tell me
but sometimes you act so cold
so i back away
so maybe we both lost
will you have the courage to say it all
or is it just my fantasy
make me dream no more
so say it
cyanide faerie sometimes i lie awake and dream of dreaming 050129
tr sometimes I am so close to tell you.
sometimes I just know it's better not to.
marjorie I sit and stare out the window
The vicar by my side
his eyes blinking a batteried red
And I see far and wide
And I see close to me
And I can see everything
But not as it was meant to be
DIFFERENTIAL avocado orgy avocado orgy anyone want an avocado orgy i sometimes do it 050614
Fierce (Too Fierce) Pagan Goes Ballistic Sometimes I just want to kill crazy_frog! That annoying Crazy_Frog ringtone is driving me nuts, but its the character most of all? I'd like to see CrazyFrog become Robot_Food!!! There is a game where if Crazy_Frog does not keep a ball in the air, the Robot Cop comes and vaporizes his body: the head pops up and lands on ground with a blank expression! What's wrong with me? I love seeing Crazy_Frog decimated like that!
I'd like to shoot off his f*****g little penis and let him run off, make away on his invisible bike and die a long, slow, painful death.
Anyone like French Food?
jumpforjade sometimes
i get in these zones
like Im trapped in a steel bubble
people gaze in but i can't gaze out.
in through unused lips
floods a steady supply of self-deprication
the silence shatters my ear drums
as i embrace muted hearing with the entirety of my senses
a lethargic pulse beats with the rustlings of my shallow unsatisfied breaths
i am swallowed inside an orb that snows glitter
i am blinded and squinting at an unacknowlegeable reality
instead subscribing to the insidious whisperings
that proliferate like tangled vines around this fragile foundation.
these cursed critical limitations bind me
to an exhausting, impossible game
but earlier reservations and overbearing expectations set too soon revealed my demise long before these dreaded crawling days
my strained glance slithers resentfully through accruing curves
the weight stored in the most accessed files of my mind
each self-inflicted rule
like ingredients in a nightmared feast
fat perching like heaping spoonfuls of sloppy mashed potatoes
double chin wiggling like a turkey's loose neck
vomit lurking in the back of my throat like warm gravy
steamed vegetables like the only food i dare allow on my glassy virgin plate
i am a starving artist
fashioning these endless policies to support the implied eventual body of work
my twisted sputterings sling moistened arrowed tears through attempted logic
sharp and jutting down my sunken cheeks
like the cold biting pain of an icicle plunged in my stomach
my scarlet tears massacre the glinting snow
from eyes that hold no end to their green
the expanses of their pastures lay quietly,
sprawled and leaning in the wind's commands
but nowin this zone I fall into as easily as I fall apart--
thin lightning streaks paint the carefree sky
challenging the tranquil pastels of my youth
now I fear the invasion of those dreary, slumping clouds
bloated tufts of grey smear the sky
into a world of vague shapes encased in shadows
I was never too fond of my own presence
Let alone the unwelcome fruits of my deep-seeded insecurities
But how can I complain, when I always knew
it was only a matter of time
etana sometimes I wonder if anyone actually likes me. then I wonder what would happen if I moved to Australia. 050827
unhinged i_love_you_sometimes 050827
icy you surprise me and make me consider things i would not have seen on my own.
thanx. i needed that.
solarmor i'm baffled by you not loving me... because it just doesn't make sense. then i have to wonder about my perception of things. inevitably i find myself embarrassed that i care (or that i'm fucking typing about it).

i mean, really... if love at first sight is simply the subconscious recognition of someone who will let/help you play out your fucked up shit-- count me out. i need to get over this. sometimes. other times, I'm game.
duality I wonder sometimes how it might have been if i was with you and not alone and confused and wanted to die

I saw you on a sunny afternoon as you were comin out of your writing class eyes sparkling and a nice aura about you i longed to know who you were and in time yes i would come to know who you were and why i coudln't be with you it was all a dream really an adolescent shard of time
I used to know i_miss_you_sometimes 071107
tourist Sometimes
When Everything Clicks
I Feel as If I Am Leaking Out
Into My Surroundings
Melting Into The Larger World
Breath Joining Me To The Sky
Sky Joining Me To The Seas

If I Am Moving
Say On A Bicycle
It Is As If The World
Is Gliding Under Me As I Sit Still
Breathing Slowly I Savor These Moments

Distant Sounds
Train Whistles
Traffic On The Interstate
Dogs Barking
Bird Song
All Stretch My Being Outward
Becoming The Vibration
The Information

Sometimes , in the darkness, I can still hear the screams... 080715
piss OFF. i think you want to hear them, not that they are there at all. 080715
Sometimes Well, now, that seems needlessly rude and antagonistic, now doesn't it?

, life is like that, I guess.
unhinged when i'm sad
all i have to do is breathe really deep
and tears jiggle loose
unhinged what_i_am

light and happiness
dark and sadness

whatever comes
i've learned to ride the waves
░ ░░░░░░ ░ ░░░░░░ 101005
Sab Stuff is really heartbreaking 120919
unhinged .

but the guru reminded me recently that our hearts get broken because they get too full to contain it all
REAListic optimIST sometimes I deconstruct
and birth a phoenix
Doar or on hiatus. but i don't believe blather is just a secret nonsense. just no one seems (in the last few weeks) to imprint here anymore.

is blather gathering its leavings and raking the left overs?

hey blather, i love you.

don't give up, there will be moments when we don't talk or try to talk, but we might be still searching for words to expound or words to put forth into the halls of blather.

take care blather, and blatherskites.

blown cherry hit the nail on the head DOAR. I'm usually here hiding in the shadows when I'm at my worst, but in denial of my situation I am unable to grasp at the words to make my feelings real. 120921
blown cherry hit the nail on the head DOAR. I'm usually here hiding in the shadows when I'm at my worst, but in denial of my situation I am unable to grasp at the words to make my feelings real. 120921
blown cherry hit the nail on the head DOAR. I'm usually here hiding in the shadows when I'm at my worst, but in denial of my situation I am unable to grasp at the words to make my feelings real. 120921
gili thats the point really. it will be easy sometimes and other times it will not. what helps me is to realize i am my own god of my own secret movie. everything i do is to further my cause: the spread of love and idea. 220421
what's it to you?
who go