silentbob let me feel a distraction from the tragedy of myself 011015
monadh i cannot be 011015
lovers lament someone else held you close
water lightly caressing your bodies
i saw it all in my head
you, gently stroking her breasts
her pale skin pressed to yours
and i wonder if i'll ever forget
the way you looked at me the day after
said, "i love you" and smiled
didn't know you had been with her while
i was bleeding from so many wounds
pouring crimson love for you
your lies have finally piled too high
a mountain of dishonesty
a monument to everything i can no longer deny
so now you'll never see me cry
because you've found solace in someone else's arms.
Inanna Someone else's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Reality is only a perception. 011207
distorted tendencies I always feel so out of touch. 020919
Syrope lover's_lament that's beautiful

i'm fascinated by the someone_else

i always wonder how it would be with someone_else

if i were someone_else

the opinion of someone_else

it's something i should really think about and get down on paper/screen and out of my head
the nights child Doesn't everybody know it?
That burning sensation, a yearing so great it's going to burst your head open and scatter to shredded soul to the winds.
A searing need to be someone other than you are, when you ca no longer stand to be the person that you are.

But what ever come of this feeling?
Supposedly it could make you change your outlook on reality, to alter the life that you can no longer bear, to chage it, swap it for something better.
But does it ever happen? I've never seen it. Change never seems to be borne of the need to be someone else.
It's only a difficult acceptance of one's own situation that ever sees the birth of change.
Am I saying that things can only get better by wanting to be yourself?
I don't know, I don't like the way that statement rings in my head.
Maybe I'll try on someone elses head and see how it rings in there.
Someone Else. .I've Gotten Lost In. 050409
her royal highness the quirk i'm the one sitting in a dark room crying
and you're the one having fun tonight.
you're probably drunk off your ass by now and either playing ricochet or fucking her. this isn't really happening to me. i'm someone else.
actually no you're just with someone else and she's not me.
peyton crying telling me about it
turns my stomach to think about
what's good for me
and you
are too different
don't tell me about someone else
not me
he's not special
thoughtful like me
i'm so beautiful
heartless and clean
no matter who he is
or how he does it
it won't be you and me
memories made
have no value like
memories spent
in a box in the closet
or far away
temporary solution
of misery
filling hunger
i'm not ready
you're not ready
but let's make bandages out of
because now
that's all they're good for
Caroline 452 According to my own philosophy and beliefs

I should be happy for you

and I am, I guess

yet every day that passes, approaching that weekend

has more fear, more dread, more loss of appetite and sleep

I don’t want to take anything away from you

I just want to add to your life

I want more of all the good things in live for both of us

yet, I still feel this way.
Ouroboros we'll deal with it together
no more loss of sleep mi amor
Caroline 452 in light of this mornings conversation / revelation
it really doesn't matter anymore
do what you like
after all
the expiration date on our relationship is sooner than you think
sooner than i was willing to acknowledge
you're probably going to move there anyway
may as well strengthen that bond
c i'm sorry.

i should just live in the now
the now is so beautiful
better than it's ever been
i don't want it to end
Caroline 452 i'm sorry.

i should just live in the now
the now is so beautiful
better than it's ever been
i don't want it to end
what's it to you?
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