sab see: wet_pagans and goths

for i am still in a ranty mood
about morons
misstree i'm becoming fan of the break and soothe technique:

oh, honey, it's okay... you needed that... see, it's all better... you're a good little one...
baby, you didn't know, but it's okay, ssssh, ssssh, it's okay, see?
oh darling, i'm here, don't worry... you know i do this because i think you can get better, right? it's okay... you're doing so good...

whether or not you're actually trying to impose a bit of forced_evolution determines whether anything useful results, or if you just get to have a spot of slightlycruel fun.
Lemon_Soda does it help me?
take me away?
am I just a toy?
misstree do you not see me subjected to the same treatment?
there's always the option to walk away.
part of Becoming
is knowing when you're learning
and when you're just taking damage.
sab fucking hell mistree...

once again this_blue_world has given me the words that i needed but didn't have, like a flare of a match in the darkness, like a smack in the face of a moron, you have given me a wisdom that my world needed right now.

i cracked open a blather fortune cookie and the slip of paper was in your handwriting.

thank you babe
i am in awe
what's it to you?
who go