endless desire long time since met
lips familiar
excitment rising.
loving strokes
brilliant rhythm
hands through hair
so smooth.
slow steady,
exploring loving.
can you feel me smile?
embracing every inch
falling into your skin.
deeply lost
mystery wonder
senses alive
and dancing.
can you hold me here?
no longer alone
feelings complete.
jumping kicking
announcing to the world
this joy.
so soft. so sweet.
clear and pure.
please, can i keep you?

soft kisses fall
as we create our own music.
kss this didn't take place on the back of a unicorn while flying over a rainbow, by any chance?

just wondering.
stork daddy ahh...the cliche or the counter cliche... 030627
your friend or the one man cliche? 030627
stork daddy you're a real pencil neck geek i bet 030627
karl the weed this also has a endless vibe to it. it seems i have become an endless desire detector. 030627
endless desire kss-of course it did, where else?

haha i am still not sure if it is a good thing of a bad thing that i have a "vibe."

i don't think i am a pencil neck geek. or i hope you were talking to someone else.
karl the weed everyone has a vibe, like other peoples houses have different smells. its like having a personality 030628
ferret *** hmmm, this blathe smells like endless desire! *** lol
i prefer flavor
i'd have to say i'm keyboard flavored, and strawberry ice cream too
joda *sniff*

...And teen spirit.

Also, unicorns suck ass.
endless desire i've never really had any opinion on unicorns. 030630
broken:shattered no, nevermind, i have nothing to say 040821
cpgurrl i have a vibe 2!!! see guess_who_wrote_this_blathe.

(it's ok, i luv cliches! (there was a girrl in my class named clishay, btw!))
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