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oldephebe we all carry elements of this personality trait

as a race, i mean as a species we have much to learn, we have many fields to harvest, to thrust our arms into, deep into the soil of the heart

we must evolve beyond the neanderthal or sadistic-sociopathic narcissistic modus of relating to ourselves and the world
z or else? 050510
oldephebe Or else we perish. We imperceptively and inevitably become these nihilistic narcissistic sociopaths impelled by our own avaricious (it goes without saying)
aapetite that knows not it own end. God shifting from transitive to nominative or something..where's Neesh? He'd really dissect it)
z sociopath [(soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-uh-path)]

Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.
dafremen that's not a very comprehensive definition..but thank you anyway.

one of the marked traits of the sociopath is a need to set up the environment around them so that they feel secure in their ability to control the situation. for instance...sociopaths would perceive a danger...then say..dictate that all people around them behave in a certain manner in order to reduce the likelihood of that danger to (as you stated) themselves.

sociopaths think seven steps ahead..contemplate every twist and turn of a scenario and determine a counter to each one that will keep them in control..which is where they feel safe.

sociopaths see people as tools..unemotional and detached from what they do..they are experts at finding "the right combination of words" to persuade, cajole or force others to do what they want them to do.

sociopaths are instilled, at a very deep level, with an indescribable terror. they don't realize that it's there. but its the underlying cause for all of their manipulations.

my mother was a sociopath. my ex-wife is a daughter stefanie is just recently working through her sociopathic tendencies..picked up by her mother.

I'm well versed through experience and having BEEN the tool...having watched the sociopathic game for so long...having played the part in isolated pockets of the internet.

in some ways blather was responsible for helping me to understand the nature of sociopathy. by both playing the sociopath and observing sociopaths right here on this site (some of whom have slowly recovered..i was very relieved and happy to see that) i was able to learn to counter..and finally find the balls in the real world to say "No! Fuck you socipath! im not listening to your words anymore. im not going to let you scream, threaten, badger or flatter me into being your accomplice in my own misery anymore."

enjoy the show. its only just apparently takes all sorts to make the world go round. running into and understanding them..stepping into their shoes..learning from their talents and what life's all about for me.

learning from a book is too sterile...too likely to set us up for being blind-sided.
daf reading the first occurred to me that this is a very sociopathic society we live in. everyone wants to control the behavior of others out of fear_of_x. first they try to train you. if that doesn't work they try to persuade you. if that doesn't work..they threaten you. if that doesn't work..they beat you. if that doesn't work they eradicate you.

that's sociopath alllll the way. so..if our society is sociopathic...what's the new definition for anti-social?
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