lunatic jesus I've often wondered, when the news gets mired in star goggling young blonde mental cases or chasing the paternity of Anna's baby, if perhaps such things aren't engineered to distract the public.

"Ooh, shiny thing, the great and powerful plause," it seems to say, "Pay no attention to the important things behind the curtain."

Often do I wonder. Are we so easily led? So quick to be distracted by things so trivial?

And the world answers with lines of people eager beyond belief to drink maggot milkshakes on Fear Factor.

Today I started wondering, if we're going to act like this anyway, why not harness the tendency? Could we see, for instance, that Architecture programs aren't seeing the numbers of applicants and engineer a television program where an architect is the cool hero?

Or - what if this is already going on? What if career fields are just another product placement, and CSI is nothing more than an elaborate job posting?
Lemon_Soda Entirely possible.

I think people are too stupid and self centered for such mass conspiracies of control.

Is it really beyond the realm of possiblity that our planet has a will of its own? We are, in effect, about as numerous as the cells in our brains. Maybe it is "super concious" call for what is needed.
lunatic jesus I'm not sure about a will. That would indicate an awareness of cause and effect, and a deliberate planning to those ends.

I think more that it is self_correcting, in a water_flows_downhill path_of_least_resistance kind of way. The right rock, in the right place, might change the shape of the river, but the river flows on nonetheless.
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