~gez~ i wait for the crucial moment to hit that spot. give you a feeling you have never felt before. you told me where to find it, maybe that was a mistake, i will never leave you alone. follow the teeth marks, and you will track me down 020821
silentbob is anyone else thinking about this? 021022
minnesota_chris yes. It's so horrible. 021022
dax I love it
it makes me laugh
Aimee I have been shown a number of theories, but I think the most believable is that it's Turd Ferguson. That's right. Norm MacDonald dressed up as Turd Ferguson, complete with the huge funny yellow hat.

Turd Ferguson..
Disturbed by Daxles response Daxle, what about it makes you laugh? 021022
Or..... were you being sarcastic? 021022
daxle because life is funny, and that's part of life... everything is equally absurd and sensical...
i imagine people walking down the street unsuspectingly, and then BLAM... no different from any other death, just currently a little random seeming...
i read something once that said that humor occurs when something unexpected happens, and i think this fits into that...
our lives aren't precious, and they aren't a waste.
minnesota_chris No different from any other death. . . except that death is bad, and somebody caused it.

Turn off your TV daxle, these victims are real people with families and friends who love them.
birdmad A ♠ A ♣ A ♥ 8 8 chris.

this may seem off of the point and i don't mean to be overly rude,

but let me ask you a very serious question:

have you ever watched someone die?

myself. i've seen six,

my parents, three dear friends and many years ago a person i hated whose sickness and death caused me so much joy i had to bite my tongue 'til it bled for hours just so i could feign the least bit of sorrow to onlookers (may he rot)

for him i hid a satisified smirk as the monitors went flat,
people who knew i hated him called me a ghoul for showing up to the occasion, but if they knew the reason for it they would have never questioned

anyway, i digress, though

for two of those three friends, because of the sudden, senseless and absurd way in which they died i couldn't help but laugh, almost as if i had heard the funniest joke in the world. i loved them dearly as my friends, and there are days when i miss them terribly, but the ridiculousness of it still made me laugh out loud

there is a secret humor in the horrors of this world, it defies explaations, it is simply there

on the day i die, someone who cares somewhere will get a good unexplainable laugh out of it, i just know it

And any enemies i have made along the way will conceal a smirk like the one i saved for mine

these victims are no less real to anyone, we deal in our own ways.

i could see taking offense is someone said that they danced a merry jig everytime the news of another victim broke, but so far nobody has said that, have they?

Bastard Personally, I've seen 12 people die, which I suppose gives my opinion twice the value. I danced a jig to mourn/celebrate at least twice, and I felt perfectly good about myself afterward. I could see taking offense if... maybe, I dunno, you ate part of the corpse. That would be wrong. Otherwise, laugh and dance away. 021022
daxle "No different from any other death. . . except that death is bad, and somebody caused it."
that death is bad is your opinion, not a fact. i do not share your opinion. somebody is the direct/indirect cause of every death.

"Turn off your TV daxle, these victims are real people with families and friends who love them"
I don't own a TV. I don't watch TV. Yes, they are real people. No, that doesn't change my opinion. Like birdmad I have seen a fair amount of deaths in person, from people I cared nothing about to people I cared everything about. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean that I'm wrong.
nocturnal otay, aimee, good for you for watching snl on comedy central today. :)
and, although I feel bad for the victims and their families and I hope no one I know up there gets shot, blah blah blah...I have to say, I think it's kinda cool. I mean, it's like something out of a movie, except it's real life. I also think it would be funny if now, since no one knows who he is, if he was just some guy with a regular day job in a cubicle and if tomorrow or the next day or whenever, he went back to the office and continued on with his normal 9 to 5 life as if nothing ever happened. I know that's no where near the kind of person that's doing it or what would ever possibly happen, but wouldn't it be great if it was?
tourist Death
The Inevitable Death
The Changing Of Form
The Sudden Shift
That Shakes out The Soul
In the Eternal Balancing Act
Of Energy and Form
Newtonian Retribution
Balances All In The End
In The Spectrum of Possible Choices
The Infinite Ways to Have My Life End
The Long Lingering Illness
Or The Surely Placed High Velocity Round
Then To Be Dropped with One Shot
Doesn't Seem so Bad
Good or Bad?
If I was Close Enough
At the Moment The Sniper was About to Shoot Someone Else
I Would Take Action to Stop It
Even up to Taking The Round Myself
But From the Televised Distance
This is Just another
Media Feeding Frenzy
And I Don't care To Be
Don't Get Caught Up In It
p2 people who think death_is_funny should kill themselves and have themselves a good laugh 021023
p2 true, i would laugh at the death of my enemies
true, some people deserve to die
true, most people don't deserve to live
but to kill a child
who has not yet really lived
is to punish
for crimes not committed
silentbob except it isn't really punishment... its just random murder. the police released his statement warning that children are not safe anywhere at anytime. that right there, says, "keep your kids off these streets"
their schools have been shut down.
my roommate liz said, "This is worse than 911 because you know its going to happen again"

i can't really agree with that, because what...9 people are have died. no airports in my town have been shut down, and there's some chance we might catch this guy, and there's also no chance its going to receive the speculation that got. no way ever.

what is going to happen when this comes out, which makes me most interested in this case or situation, is that when its all over, there's going to be a new face, recognizable to everyone, a hannibal lecter for this generation of children, a ted bundy, a ted kaczynski, a david koresh.

and while i'm not amused in the least about it, i do think that sometimes uncontrollable laughter is an honest way to deal with feelings you aren't comfortable with. i'm not sure if bird and daxle are speaking of the same uncomfortable laughter, or of an amused laughter, i laugh at the saddest movies so i don't cry. but i'm sure daxle was not saying she was laughing to keep from crying. but.... no one should kill themselves for how they react naturally to something. there's nothing wrong with it if it isn't hurting anyone.
squint not really scared. I don't miss maryland all that much. Sort of miss the people there. Furthest it goes is, "well that sucks, i sure hope nobody I know dies."


on this page, I guess its better to feel this way.
minnesota_chris The media has removed our humanity, our ability to empathize, the common bond that unites all people. Daxle's laughter is evidence of that. Sure the randomness of it all is ridiculous, but surely these people have more significance than their death.

The news treats death number 11 as just a number. I just can't help but think, what of the survivors? Those parents had kids, and most victims had mothers or fathers who will cry a lot. Some people were at the gas station or parking lot and got to watch someone's abdomen explode in front of them. And try to sleep at night, knowing it could have been them.

I guess God decided that things like life and humanity have value. So, never mind. Go back to laughing I guess.

Bird: I have seen people die I guess. It was freaky, and they were all missed when they were gone. Heh. You sound like those feuding families, you know, McCoys and Hatvilles?

Bob: this is worse than 9/11. Sure, the other had a huge body count and was in all the media. But Al Qaeda is fighting a war, they have grievances. This fucker is just killing people because he can.
p2 those who dismiss life as trivial
should give up their own
and not mess it up for everyone else
this applies to
suicide bombers
serial killers
apathetic people
bob: no, it's not punishment
because nothing was done to warrant punishment
that's the point
it's senseless killing
chris: do you believe that 9/11 was justifiable?
my girlfriend is haunted nightly by her dead co-workers
my brother-in-law saw body parts fall out of the building and land next to him
for all we know the sniper may be part of al-qaeda
does that make it justifiable?
does that make it "better"?
minnesota_chris I didn't say that at all. All these things are REALLY bad, that is my point. Which is so obvious (at least I thought) that I shouldn't even be writing this.

If this sniper is Al Qaeda, he is fighting back for our participation in the genocide of Moslems. Good? Not at all. But like Dax said, deaths have causes, and maybe we should be rethink our role in the Palestinian bloodbath.

My feeling is that this guy is like Son of Sam, or Ted Kaczynski. A deranged guy who shouldn't be living on his own, much less have access to guns.

He could, however, be like the guys who took out the Oklahoma City building, some guys with a legitimate beef against the govt.
daxle _ferchrissakes !!!!!
you're so willing to interpret my feelings about things, and you don't know me at all. to say that I am evidence of what happens when people are immersed by the media is absurd in and of itself, and you'd know that if you knew me. so i laugh again.
"if you don't value life, you should kill yourself" now that's a more interesting point to adress. i'll do so at the proper blathe.
silentbob also, again, point out that daxle said she doesn't watch tv. so obviously her reaction didn't come from the media.

and i am not going to kill myself. and no it has nothing to do with punishment.


also i am fucking glad the media isn't giving this more coverage than they already are. that is fucking wrong to do to people. to immerse so much speculation and so much fear over this, like they did on september 11th 2001. to make EVERY DAY a serious day. to not allow laughter to be on tv for three fucking days. sit-coms were not interrupted. talk show hosts jobs were not threatened.

any more media coverage (and believe me, it IS getting a lot) and the nation would be exhausted again from constantly thinking about it.

i brought up the subject of the sniper cuz i wanted to get peoples thoughts and reactions, but what MORE do you want me to do? catch the sniper myself? Admit that the entire country is going down the fucking toilet because one or more people aren't crying?

here's an idea:

you tell us how to feel and we will feel that way.

don't you think it would be worse if someone said, "What? i didn't hear about it at all? Obviously it must not be important whatsoever"

(please someone say it)

but no. we're thinking about it, because it IS horrible. we don't have to cry every time something bad happens. that would mean we have problems.
p2 i don't expect people to break down and cry
nor do i expect people to fly into MD to hunt down the sniper
while you and i think this is a horrible thing
there are those who would disagree with you
those who would shrug it off and say
"our lives aren't precious, they aren't a waste"
tourist Read in the headlines that the sniper will Quit the carnage if a ransom is paid. Quite dissapointing that this guy might not be a psycopath or a religious or political Zealot afterall, Merely another Greedy Bastard with no Moral Integrity. 021023
kx21 The race for God or Satan on Earth:-

The hidden:

Sniper, osama_bin_laden, etc...

The visible:

Saddam_Hussein, George_w_bush, etc...

Who will be the final winner(s) of the race?
. . 021023
.. .. 021023
sabbie you know, sitting back and watching it from afar it occurs to me that this is exactly what happened in the 70s during the son_of_sam thing. random deaths scaring a nation cos they cant find the reason behind it.

no fathomable reason means theres no way to tell who is next.

and althought yeah, people are dying and their families must feel terrible, really, theyre just names and media stories just like everything else and weddings in afganistan except this time the enemy isnt readiliy identifiable by simply pointing the finger at a country or a religion or a social order.

this time it could be anyone walking down the street with a smirk on their faces.

i think its fascinating.

history is unfolding around you and one day their going to bring out books with black covers and drippy red writing about this guy too and everyone will know his name, even if they dont know who he was. infamy is more lasting, after all.
kx21 Fact becomes the genuine subject matter of Fairy_tale & Fiction ? 021024
kx21 The M_Challenge / Game of

Low TECH or simple Technology vs High TECH or sophisticated Technologies...
John Muhammad Well, I guess it's over... Oh well. It was a good run. 021024
GirlNamedLover the shooting in manassas va was about 3 minutes away from my school. it was scary.
I just dont understand why someone would want to kill people. its so stupid. and then after he asked for 10 million dollars, I lost all respect. not that I ever respected him that much in the first place, but I thought maybe he thought he was doing the right thing or that his actions were justified in some way in his mind. but then when it was about money, it pissed me off.
Im so glad its over.
silentbob and what are we supposed to "Do" with people who don't think life is precious? if they aren't killing anyone, why does it matter that their opinion differs from yours?
why aren't people allowed to think life isn't precious?

i think if you're going to say that the people who died, that their life was a waste, you really don't know them, and can't really judge that their death was a waste, because maybe they fulfilled something in their lives and are happy with that.

just because you believe that all of our lives have to have meaning doesn't mean other people do.
i think they have some meaning, i think we make our own lives good, but....seriously...
p2 i've never suggested to "do" anything to anyone
it's not a huge jump
for one who holds no value to life
to take it away from another
the news used to be filled with
depressed suicidal people
now it's filled with
depressed homicidal people
i miss the good old days
(yes, i know,
there were homicidal people then
and there are suicidal people now
but i mean the general trend)
continuous ache man i can't believe a citizen of jamaica actually took part in this. what, did he run out of pot or something? 021024
counterentity you look at me as a number ... as nothing more than an expanse of genetic make-up. I see the indifference in your eyes, the cold pleasure you derive from my death.

And in you, I see pain and loneliness.
freakizh grr!
i dunno if the whole idea of dying is more terrifying than death itself.
then again, something about paranoia.
cole death is scary if you don't know what's next. some have faith, and that faith quiets the fears. there are even a few who can see more clearly absent of this fear. perhaps there is the fear of the pain, but i don't think that would last long, and it would be worth it.
random deaths seem so senseless, but we're in this life. if there is nothing beyond this, or if it gets worse from here, then sure, death is the sum of all evil. In which case, we should live the shit out of life and engineer everlasting life.
but if by chance it gets better after all this, then grieve for the fear of change but keep a perspective.
we can only prescribe so much for the world we have now, and try to figure out how to do it best here. however, i think this paralyzing fear of death blinds us to logic.
death, for us here inhibits normal or preferable functioning. grieve because we feel sorry for ourselves, because we have to live without someone in our lives.
castigate the bastard(s) who are guilty of inhibiting the normal functioning of the society we have constructed.
do not, however, let the fear rule and blind, or you might as well be dead.
what's it to you?
who go