deb do i sniffle from a cold
or my allergies,
or is it just because
my heart is sad again?
splinken the tape player ate my Buddy Holly tape.

now i'll never hear "early in the morning" again.
The Schleiffen Man splinken, you know you're welcome to come Napsterize any song you want to my computer ( and don't forget my cd burner, it makes 'em in 12 minutes). My Lars have mercy on my soul. 001011
drunkeemonkee so i sniffle today but ill sniffle tommorow. do i sniffle from a cold or a heart full of sorrow?
silly kids...sniffling is a release of tension in the brain. who cares why you do it. do it randomly, theres a thought!
unhinged my poor red sore scratchy nose 091116
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