Gardien Round, round, oh
crisp, candy Smartie
with insides choclartie
the noises you make
as your cardboard I shake
are like hard plastic snow
on a roof in Jakartie
oh, in, fingers, go
sweet tough-crusted Smartie
please come to my party
I'll only eat one
- at a time, til I'm done
then I'll pop down the road
for a nice hot chapati
(It's a shame in America
they have M&M's)
pSyche I used to keep all the little white smarties, that looked like some kind of generic medicine, in a prescription bottle I took from my mom. And I'd carry it with me to school. And one day, my friend told me something, mockingly, and I acted as if I took it seriously, and I told her " This really disturbs me. I can't handle this!"
And I pulled out the bottle, and I dumped a quarter of it in my mouth.
She freaked out and almost dragged me to the nurses office.
olive i like psyche's story. i think i'll pull that some time.
but i do really like smarties.
its basically a little-chalky-pill of sugar but oh so yummy none the less.
i think what i like about them is the texture.
not to mention they make you smartier...
kidblink i do love them. 071017
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