Brown hills so steep i don't care what's at the top. there too much trouble to climb when i can just lay in the grass and die. 011216
not god up the hill backwards, it'll be all right. 011216
paste! there was this backyard, had a moose and cans of fruit cocktail everywhere. 011216
chock chock chili slip slip
ride on the train, motherfucker
i'll slip you up a bit
you'll fall and fall and slip and sneeze!
oh fucker, wherefore art thou now?
scorpion heart his hand stays on my thigh for a moment, lingering, but then drops away, back into the safety of his own lap. as it moves from my thigh i realize, i still wish, i still hope he would be mine, and not slip away. he's walking into an elevator with no room for me. there is no choice. i take the stairs. 040111
phil The summer sun touched my head through the mesh of my green HDZ hat. The inside out clothes were black and white flappy shirt with flowers and snails.
I was at the park parking my car. The sun beat down on everything. It was warm though. I could have been wearing a sweater but chose to wear this. The leaves are dancing around inside the park. As I get out and walk across the lot I was in I notice many juveniles running up a steep path. There are three or four stone steps that mark the beginning of the path, the rest is just dirt. Notches and exposed roots make it the easiest way to the sidewalk above. Where you can see people walking. It is an interesting place because of that. All those people, here to see the game, as am I, the college world series in Omaha Nebraska.
As I walk by the vendors I notice everyone standing at the vendors. The best thing to do in this sort of weather. A thin crowd of roudy drinkers stand carnival, with coolers of ice. There antics come into your face trying to get entangled.
The people come here once a year, I suppose, most of them real omahans.
The crosswalk is packed with a gang of folks, the traffic speeds by and then police on horseback come over to keep an eye on the crowd. Something begins happening back where everyone was drinking, we move on jaywalking to an empty area of grass, on the corner of the stadium's block. It is also the entrance to the zoo.
Charred bbq, an unapetizing smell, makes me look lazily at the vendor across the entrance street. This is not a temporary establishment. I recall several stores in the area had a lot of customers.
Standing in line, kids play around on what you might see as trash cans, concrete coverings blending in with concrete sidewalks and concrete gardens with a tree in the middle and some shrubs fornicating around that.
Tall blue bars, wide enough to look amusing restrict us into a single corridor entrance and the metal detectors. After that I'm patted down by a guard, who finds a sandwich on me and throws it away. Checking my ticket we go to find our seats, far from the crowd. In the left field. I guesstimate from the games I played as a kid this would be a likely place to catch a foul ball.
Around us people sit on cushions, the wooden benches aren't that uncomfortable. It is a week event so why not get comfortable. Trash piles slowly beneath their feet, crunchy bags and dripping pops. We get a couple of dogs, and watch the game.
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