the boy with the thorn in his side My four year-old nephew and a friend of his who happens to be a girl, are building a fort out of blankets, pillows, and couch cushions. They'll enjoy hours and hours of fun running around like mad until their weary little bodies come crashing down and sleep holds them. 010309
johnny west It's kind of funny...
When you're young, you pulsate with all of this energy. And when you've used it all up, you drop like a wet rag.
As you get older, the energy seems to level itself out...until you've reached a consistent stream of semi-paralysis.
Aimee I remember sleepovers. Staying up all night watching movies, playing games and those inevitable fits of laughter that always seemed to creep in around 3am. finally around 4am we'd decide to finally get some sleep. Sleepovers are fun, and i miss them 010310
carden i miss the days of making forts out of blankets and castles out of pillows. i still long for my childhood.... 010402
bethany when i was in 7th grade i convinced my mother to have a co-ed sleepover
i slept right next to my boyfriend in sleeping bags and we made out all night
i wish i could go back there
from that point on i thought it was useless to have an allgirl sleepover
well until freshman college year
then i had fun again
what's it to you?
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