ztupid It almost sounds vulgar

"Who's gonna clean up all this skite?"
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unless i misunderstood, someone implied i was a skite.
so of course i had to find out what a skite was. good old urbandictionary.

apparently i either, a. consume alot of alchohol, (???) or 2. i boast (???), and on.

and on. and on. like breakfast of champions. i want to marry that book. i considered stealing it from the school library becuase no one had borrowed it for about twenty years, but couldnt figure out how to get past the electronic barriers.

i stole alice in wonderland from my primary school library. me and my cousin would put books in our bag because there was a two book limit, which was absolutely ridiculous because we devoured books at a disgusting rate. i say disgusting because half the time we were skimming. we got past the electronic barriers because the libarian trusted us. she would leave before we did and tell us to lock the door.

i borrowed paul zindel today. because i havent read fiction for a few weeks. ever since my dad fucked up my library card by not returning a dvd, i borrow on my mums card, and she detests all fiction. she likes to read real estate, finance, and home/self improvement books. however today i borrowed them and put them in the car before she could stop me.

oh god, im ranting again. oh well.
past skite,

short for blatherskite,

as in someone who blathes
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