pralines&cream naked
nervous ...
rosemary my best friend and i went skinnydipping this past summer. it was 10:30, nearly pitch black except we could see bats flying around and there were lights from the lakehouse and we jumped in the dark water in our suits and took them off underwater. i was so nervous that it wasn't as much fun as it should have been. but i still felt really free like that, like a mermaid almost or anyways... it was cool even though i got bored pretty quick. i guess i'm too shy for skinny_dipping. 020819
Ahmad that 1 is on my list 4 things 2 do!

Ahmad definitely !! 020822
bethany i wanna with terry
jon didn't wanna with me
i did with christain and 4 other blonde lifeguards
cape cod beaches

i wanna with terry
emmi why do people act like it's something kinky? there's few things more natural to me... 060524
poet its funny because the line between skinny dipping and... 'normal' swimming, for lack of a better term, is pretty thin. i mean, bathing suits dont offer much cover, so it seems like being naked would not be such a big thing. 060525
flowerock When_I_was_little my grandma and I would go skinny dipping in the river. It was fun then because it was "girls_only" and we ran across the grass giggling and then splashing into the water squeezing and trying to stay in the cold river water in the moon light, then battling mosquitos on the way back. It's fun not because it's actually wrong or abnormal, but because we make it fun. 150617
one wrecked angle the last time was probably when ouroboros dragged me to the desert to dance under the full moon. tinnemaha campground, us_395. magical hugs from victoria. letting the shocking cold of the snowmelt rush across my naked body. there was a metal bar across the narrow, fast-moving stream which could be used to grip and anchor one's body to flap in the water like a flag in the wind. icy baptism, artemisia tridentata as the incense. 150617
one wrecked angle u_s_395, that is. 150617
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