Clundicus a copy of which there is no original

the most fabulous concept i've ever heard

what i want to be if i grow up
clundicus oh, p.s., thank you Dr. Raverty, for flaming into my life and teaching me how to be Dada. 000113
Angelwings Just a little bit like something else.

A poor imitation.

Beneath it nothing but a great simulacrum. --Thackeray.
smack! look at this word, man! 030822
ferret that was new... 030823
tourist Phillip K. Dick 040611
lacunas coil we build our city upon the hill so we can see whoever comes to corrupt it. we turn away all of those complex poets who try to teach us that their is more to life than our justice. before dawn rises we will awaken to the sound of the last owl's cry, and struggle to breathe the air we see. as the sun rises the images are relayed onto the wall in front of us. we see our daily lives form and unform. are the forms really all their is? or are they just another simulcrum, another step on the path to a true love of wisdom? let us traverse this axis mundi, climbing to its eternal peaks and tumbling into the sea of sheol once again. 040611
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