nothingissacred sitting in the silent moment
with words suffering in my hands,
feels too uncertain to let sound out,
or release ANYTHING for that matter.
My tongue glides from one side of my mouth
to the other
looking around for hiding syllables,
pretty certain none are hanging around
but needing something to do.
The seconds feel stolen,
wasted and repeating.
The numbers don't go in sequence anymore.
every moment is a new one
one, one, one, one, one.
Just when The Silence almost ends,
it begins again.
dry heave repetition,
words failing to say anything.
They just crawl back into my throat
and refuse to come out
All my unspoken apologies or excuses or transitional phrases
are being broken down by stomach acid,
I just keep swallowing them down
when all i want to do
is spit them
back up.
god i can not hear silence. it's never there. the music never stops. 041012
three words silent_moment aunts surprised 050401
* arewe stalkers orlovers 050401
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