birdmad how_soon_is_now 020110
daxle this week I've been listening to that song constantly
and I've been thinking of you
and apparently you noticed how appropriate it was also
and I how I wonder where you are
misaligned damn me i can't even look you in the eyes. you'll see right through to my dirty mind. 020201
shorlove Cremasters. 030425
emmi i'm dying to get out of it

all i need is a little push
triplesix I used to be really shy but then one day I thought, fuck it! Why am I scared of what other people think of me? There is nothing I can do to change who I am. I try to look good, I work out, I try to get along with everyone. I guess I learned to love myself. 061112
Dragonflye See, I also think "Fuck it." I think "Fuck it" all the time. And I still can't break out of myself, no matter how badly I want to. It's so goddamned frustrating. I don't know how I'm ever going to get through life like this. 080220
birdmad if nothing, blather occasionally becomes my psychic_junk_drawer

littered with the funny (ha-ha and strange varieties) little odds and ends of the past.

took me some work to get from there to here, but i made it
what's it to you?
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