Me (johncalvin) i'm shrieking
calling for help
making my breath
Shorter than life can handle
handled in a way that is too rough
rough as in hard
hard as in strong
strong in a way that is only soft
At times my shrieks of shere pain
are those that can cut glass
but also be easy to touch with skin
but only the skin of that of an babe
a babe that can only speak of one language
and can only fit little into their brain
their brain is large though
thus their large head and ears
no matter, though
we'll just ignore it
just as it ignores us
no problem

Hey people i'm still shrieking, care to call 911. thanx
thieums There was a time I tried singing
And I was like, very happy
Then that guy came and said to me
"Hey my dear sir, why you shrieking?"

(since then I prefer poetry)
what's it to you?
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