Ahamad its a well known fact.

its also a funny thing 2 say when a freind sayz:

look look, i have just dun sumthin realy briliant!

cue shit happens.

i wonder if any1 has done sodds_law yet?
Ahmad MAN!!! i cant eaven spell my own name!!!!!!!!

errr... hmmm.... i think every1 is expecting me to say a certain fraiz now,,,, err, , what could it be??

or rite, yeah

Torch and damn does it get stacked high 020822
little fury bug it was 4 am. nature's call awoke me. i jumped out of bed and blindly ran to the bathroom. it was pitch black and i couldn't see a thing, but i knew this old house like the back of my hand. i pulled my pajama pants down and let it flow. too bad the toilet seat cover was down.
oh well... shit_happens
Freak halloween last year

I carried around my friends younger sister from door to door so she could get her candy

she was the cutest little bunny rabbit I ever saw

She looked right at him while I was holding her and called him "daddy."

exactly 2 months later I got pregnant

go figure

about 2 1/2 - 3 months after that I miscarried

months later we broke up
months later we still see each other most of the time
months later we still find our reasons to hate each other

still not over it the whole thing
i was almost a mother
but im glad im not
its an odd feeling to deal with

when will shit finally STOP happening?
minnesota_chris man does it ever. The cat is shitting in random places. In my cold basement, the shit_happens to turn up on various rugs, half the time it's like walking into a smelly booby trap. 040106
birdmad thinking outside the (litter)box

i hate when they do that.
x i figure the bathtub is at least the second most considerate place 040106
sylverquiklight Itís a daily occurrence, always happens in your path, but you really just have to step around it. Donít forget to put a clothespin on your nose. 040107
time_warp but it takes a chef to make it a souffle 040108
once again poo poo occurs 040726
love & hate every second of everyday...Just a vicious cycle 040727
Lemon_Soda I think this phrase is meant to inspire a non-chalant attitude towards the invariancy of negative experiences.

We have negative experiences so we can appreciate positive ones.

Shit happens, yes.
So do orgasms.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl one of my best friends uses this phrase way too much to be considered healthy.

it is an eloquent expression of her apathy.

shit happens.

also an excuse not to feel.
a way to look at all the bad stuff that has occurred, and to make it less significant and to have less importance.

its shit.
it happened.
it's happening right now as we speak.



once agian i much prefer "it happens"

you had a bad day? it happens.
found a hundred dollars on the sidewalk? it happens.
losing all you hair at age twenty? it happens.
finally graduated? it happens.

Spent all night making violent passion to the man of your dreams only to be rudely awakened by a phone call informing you you're late to work?

it happens.

things happen. and I've discovered that life can be safely viewed with ((almost)) complete rationality and ((usually)) reason, if you remember that "it happens."
nonlucid yes. all that is certain in life is that shit happens 040729
kx21 * a_Point_in_time *

Shit = STAR under the

:) Amen. 040729
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