Mahayana [and my goodness she is stunningly beautiful]

no masks
no layers
just beautiful you
hey now! neither does my grammie..
maybe thats why at 70 she still has no wrinkles
smileygirl this definately wouldn't be me 040225
falling_alone only some eyeliner for me. 040225
who i am doesnt matter anymore to me make up is an art, a way of expression. 040225
Lemon_Soda depends on the occasion, but rarely indeed. I agree with it being an art form and should be treated as such, not just some route applications. 040225
but he does - just a little around the eyes (think a cleaner pirates' jack sparrow), and damn it looks good! 040225
oldephebe i actually prefer my women w/o make-up..that's a pretty good barometer of true beauty...and if she has to then..perhaps a little lipstick.. 040225
white_wave i wear very little, but i feel naked without lipstick. and don't anyone cut off the world's supply of chapstick or i will surely die of dried lips..... 040225
whitechocolatewalrus she doesn't wear makeup
she doesn't wear a face
she has a face
and it is most certainly a face
and if it were a face
as it is
why should she make it up?
Eowithien Lines on lines upon lines of black, heavy black eyeliner and despite how much I hide it, you still see me underneath.

But you don't wear makeup and you're perfect. And no one sees it.

Funny, isn't it?
what's it to you?
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