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hanael lemme get this straight

spam sucks, but pressing the go button and filling every word you come across with the same two messages over and over doesn't?

i've crucified myself before

(just don't ask me how i got that last nail in place)

it's good to be a nephilim
power of an angel
free will of a man

my gandpa don't like it too much though

we're the REAL reason he sent that big nasty flood
wiping out the sinners was just gravy
? there is nothing more unsacred... more shameful... more evil... and nothing as pathetic, as weak, as disgusting as a
p e n i s.
stork daddy tragedies happen, but we expect on the whole for human governmental action to be as forward minded and helpful as possible. this current situation is further undermining some basic assumptions i had about the philosophy of this country. 050902
athsara when my father died--
i learned what my love lacked--
and yet I persisted living--
this is shame.
In_Bloom When he died I wanted to go to sleep and die too. I loved him more than me. That was a shame against my own life. 080803
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