e.s. i had sex with you today
on day one of our hanging out experiences
you are the second person i've sexed
and still
i have yet to have sex with someone i really like, much less love
i prefer masturbation to sex
but maybe one day
i'll meet someone who i would take the time to teach
how to love me
i hope that
you don't want to hang out with me all the time
no one seems to understand
that i prefer to be by myself
most of the time
i hope that you don't want me to be your girlfriend

there is only one person that i love
and he doesn't love me
everyone else has just been a way to experience
things that have just happened
it doesn't really matter to me
if i can't have him, i can have anyone
but only in little bits and pieces

i hope one day i'll meet someone
that i love more than him
maybe one day i'll move on

i don't want to move on
i want him to love me too
danny masturbation is a better starting place. then you can teach someone else your "buttons". there's plenty of time for mechanical tab in slot sex once the fire is low or out.

the one who isn't reciprocating, perhaps, that's an ache but when it's right and on both sides, both people will know.

the thing is the connection and that can come from any use of time together with anyone at anytime, not when you decide. not only shit but serendipity happens too.
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