*_the missing link_* you glide over my body like i do not exist
and you crush the emotions and blind your sight
you say 'we' are over
but you know that really
it has only just begun
silent storm It was nothing to you.
But to me, it was everything.
You were everything.
unhinged it's funny how i spent months wanting more than anything to take back hurting you and now i would like more than anything to give a swift kick to the balls. i would say you were even more rude in bed than the guy that raped me. and you really should warn a girl before you bust a load on her stomach. sheesh 020110
inferiority_complex and now the distance has been years

are we all supposed to harbor these wretched memories

what are the pleasures of life?
"" half-truths

[This kind of deception happens too often. Its a sad fact of life: Lies are lies, and sometimes the truth can lie as well]

oh what a brute that i become, in my self pitying ambiances, melancholy prods a questioning mind towards murky waters of ill reflections, why do i ruminate on said words

that is all it is [words], said to him, him, him,... to her, to me ... and the pattern would continue if it could
. . 040104
ClairE me_on_top_of_you


When you touched me, something welled up so overpoweringly strong in me that I thought I would die. I didn't think I could experience such feeling and continue to exist.

(The funny part is that I was definitely old enough to know better. What did I do to myself?)
what's it to you?
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