4550ormore your way or no way 000527
lost drowning deep inside my sea of loathing
broken you servant i kneel
(will you give into me)
Keegan Stay away. Don't talk to me. can't you see that you so-called "authority" is pointless? Stop yelling, I can't hear you. Don't make me prove to you that I need you around. Don't make me prove to you how helpless I am. Don't make me prove to you that you can break me. What do YOU have to prove? What about your hypocrisy? You're the one who's insecure. 031229
misstree there's a knife in my boot
and the prettiest sweetmeat
on a silver platter.
you can't know it yet,
but you have a choice.
i pray you make the right one,
because you seem fun to serve.
what's it to you?
who go