Annie111 So I said to Seth the other day, "I pretend to listen to people a lot of the time, because it is easier than telling them to fuck off. One day I think I will just explode and tell them I don't want to hear about their shitty problems over and over anymore." And he looked afraid, like I would do that to him. It wasn't him I was to referring to, and I reassured him of that fact.

But seriously. Some people should just get over it, because I don't wanna hear about it. Self_pity is the most loathsome attribute you could have.
ClairE is what frightens me the most.

but sometimes i'm too damn tired to feel like fighting it.
mn is my addiction 040310
no reason i wanted to go to the first pub night tonight, but none of you even bothered to respond.
i didn't want to go all that way by myself.

but i'm going fun things.
it's okay.
i'm doing fun things.
no reason doing. not going.
poor freakin' misspellin' me.
no reason yeah yeah i wonder if i will ever attract another human being again
i keep losing and losing people but never the other way around except little teases and pulling away
blah blah bed
what's it to you?
who go