unhinged kind of sick how it goes hand in hand with self_gratification 011214
Grievance that makes me sick.

or as my grandfather used to say,
"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."

I miss my grandpa.
ryen I miss your gandpa too. =( 040312
Bizzar it saddens me that these 2 words even exist together. if only everyone could see how beautiful they are in their own ways. not by the standards of what society says beautiful is. do they realize they are killing people? destroying them. unique is what is really beautiful. not tall slender bodies, or steroid induced muscle mass, or rhinoplasty. not big dicks or perky breasts. individuality is where the real beauty lies. and anyone who hates themselves... it is such a waste of emotion. i wish you could see how beautiful you are in your own way. 040312
the_lost There is so much self hatred in this world. What I fear most is that there is not enough.

Yet the people today who hate themselves are the people the have the least reason to. It is the people who love themselves, who believe there can be 'no compromise', 'no surrender', that need to experience self-hatred-- if only for a day, an hour, a minute.

Only when one stops loving themselves can they see the true beauty in others.
bite_me is all i have
i hate everything about me
every fucking thing
im in torment being in this ungly, ungainly body
why am i in this body?
i look around
see all the people who love themselves
i want to show them how i feel
if you knew how i felt
if you felt that way
you wouldnt be such FUCKING DICKS!!!!!

you hear me you motherfuckers?
try hating for once
look outside your little bubble of conceit
you want to bully me?
bite me
i dont give a shit what you think
nothing you could say could even rival what i think about myself
it just adds to it

when i block you out
maybe ill have a chance
to stop hating
i cant see past the awful shell
but all you 'beautiful people'
you can go fuck yourselves
because you
you and your snide
you made me doubt
you made me wonder
you made me cry
you made me hate
and now
i realise
what you did
so fuck you
fuck you fuck you fuck you
every single day i see this awful exterior
i hate myself
are you happy?
you did this to me
and now i cant get out of this
i can never see what other people tell me they see
just wait
wait until you feel this
you'll never say shit to me and about me again
and i'll be there
to see how fucked up you get.
Andrew Sier I suck. 040727
finite evil twin 040728
Lila Pause Comes in 54 different flavors.
One for every part of your body.
And then some.
One for every attempt you ever made.
- And some leftover for when you didn't even bother.

I consume it.
It consumes me.
My teeth are full of cavities.
My life is full of holes.
But, what can you do?

(There, there...try some raspberry fool)
minnesota_chris I'll take a scoop of mint chocolate self hatred, please. On a paranoia waffle cone. 040728
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