Freak I dont have low self esteem
I just have low esteem for everyone else.
silently_she_screams yeah...i don't have low self esteem..I happen to think very highly of myself...only...nobody else seems to think that way 020508
Nathan88 *na*
damn bro...we introduced ya to all this shit and now u cannot handle makes you feel good about yourself so u just want to keep doing it...u got a problem and we try to tell ya but u shut us out...u lie to the girl u say u love, u dont lie to people u truly love like u say u do...u fucked up man u fucked up she wont stand for your shit...if she breaks up with you i will only say i told u so...granted it was shady as hell of sean to go behind your back like that but hey man dont lie and u wouldnt be in this predicament...good luck you gonna need it here
you you you you you you you 030106
marjorie so this guy storms off to the bathroom
drunk as fuck off of crater lake vodka
and has the audacity to come out and kneel two feet in front of me and complain about my self-esteem.
i just stare.
and wonder...
where do these people come from?
happy new year.
Syrope i had low self esteem
then i had low esteem for everyone
i'm better now
so why can't i stop apologizing to you?
maybe i just want to fill the air with enough apologies to make up for the ones you forgot to make...
Yiddish Proverb Look down, not up, if you want to know how high you stand. 071208
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