klairchen Oh blatherskites, I really want to write you something like the way I once did. Something personal and real. Like something that happened today. And I want to quote the real person that said the things that invoked a lot of mixed emotions and feelings. I used to write about that person but then I realized how immature I was being by doing that. Like instead of really living in the moment and taking things as they were, I was fantasizing, replaying glances and wishing for something more. And typing little nothings wasn't making anything any easier. Not really wasting time but going down the wrong path. Earlier, I would've written about it in an instant, but now I stop and think. And as much as I would like to write about it, I want to forget about it and just move on. 001106
klairchen true_story 001107
ClairE It's nice to know I have more of it than someone_else, for_once.

daxle just have one small iota of self control

i keep telling myself

one day at least one day, just don't

why are you so attracted to something that hurts you anyway? what is it you miss?

i have a life that i've filled completely with people and things to do but in the little moments in between
I miss him.
selkie but i believe in love. 041222
. if only i had more 060324
lucy if only i hadn't given it away 060325
z it is a fallacy. this phrase presupposes that we are not in control in the first place. i prefer to take responsibility for all of what i do. 060327
z and i prefer to be one whole, not the sum of diparate parts. 060622
that should be disparate 060622
misstree nothing wrong with being a whole apple. but examining individual parts can lead to better integration of the whole.

have a compatriot who has recently begun reconnecting with the beast aspect of his nature. the piece of the puzzle i'm to give him is how to put a leash on it, to be able to keep it in check when needed but still allow it out of its crate.

all actions are controlled by the self. what differs is how much self goes into it.
stork daddy if only i had a self to control. 060622
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