jennifer I miss writing
when the words won't come
all that flow from my mind
are tears
and hate
chocolate bootay I miss writing too.

every day I dont write
I dont practice.
I dont think.
I dont see my thoughts.

so stagnate.
chocolate bootay I love this fucking website. thank you. (unable to name names, fuckers)

you need to make a name for yourself.

I name you Gods of writers.
youre my God. I write because of you.

love you.
transatlantic My self conatined rage explodes inside. Leaving an empty shell. Nothing behind the eyes that see but never look. Empty eyes devoid of all emotion.

It's not so dark in here now.
unhinged i wish that i could be more this way 010826
the repeater ...
silentbob i got engaged to my cat once. so i dressed her up in my moms old wedding gown. i got a spanking for it. 000606
Syd Thought I, I, Thought I could sometimes be engaged in something I, I, really I don't know, just let me without me - Stay - Stay - let me stay without me, just to rest, just to rest... 001010
monadh inward spiral galaxy shooting_star
night balance shift retreat calm
distorted tendencies Inside my own blistering self_loathing. Inside my unhappiness. Inside my sadness. Inside my fake smile. Inside my head which is beat against the wall every moment I feel I can no longer take it. Inside my will to go on and to move on because of the knowledge that there will be better things. 010916
no reason people born on my birth date are described to be this way...i think i have to be. otherwise i wouldn't be able to survive the loneliness. 030325
no reason "what would you like to be when you 'grow up'?"

"i'd like to just have some money passed into this convenient little box of mine."
spoken i rarely contain myself
i just let er rip if im feeling
something i like to share
what's it to you?
who go