ducky When the reeds rustle secretively at the shore, a little duck is there hiding among the swans. 000810
Wayne shhh...

Wayne I also wrote "click" but blather ate it up. You let ducky escape! 000810
shh i made an important observation today:

i value honesty very much, and try to be as honest with myself as possible, trying to recognize my true motives for actions, trying not to lie to myself, trying not to be in denial. on the other hand, i hide my true self from pretty much everyone, sharing it only with a handful of people i really trust, and keeping it a secret from the rest of the world.

in love, i value honesty very much, trying not to lie to each other, to share ourselves completely with each other, to have no secrets, to be thoroughly honest. and sure, i brag when i'm in love, it's not like i am hiding the love itself, but i only want to kiss when no one is looking. to have sex, not necessarily quietly, but so that no one besides us can hear. to look into each other's eyes and know that we have experiences and stories that no one else will ever know. having sex in relatively public places isn't arousing for fear we might get caught, but because it is a shared experience that no one else knows is happening.

i already knew that in love, i view everything as if the two lovers had become one person, but i have just realized that i expect that one person to operate the same way that i do personally. facing the world with elbows locked, exploring together, hiding together, loving others as a team, making love in private, making memories that only we will ever know. being honest and open within, but secretive without. two cells fusing and maintaining a single cell wall.

please contrast_and_compare.
shh especially contrast lovers who "own" each other. i can see how these could be mistaken for the same thing. but are they really the same? 031127
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