jennifer my aunt marylin used to work at sears, and right by the courtesy counter they had a Mighty Mouse Video machine, and for a quarter, you could watch a cartoon in a booth similar to a photo booth.

they tore it down when I was 4.
Brad I have an aunt marilyn. I used to go to the sears at poplar and perkins when i was young. They had a candy counter... i always got juju bees and candy corn. They were my favorites. Then they took the candy counter down... i remember being about five and walking around the store like 10 times in denial that it could actually be gone. What a boof. 000529
The Schleiffen Man Brad, that's not a boof. That's just a 5 year old trying to account for evil int his world. A boof would have still placed an order, regardless of the condition of the candy counter. As for Biloxi, we still have ours. Jellybeans for the masses, a good ploy.... if you like that sort of thing. 000530
silentbob i dont have an aunt maralyn. and i never went to sears.
I had a Kmart
i remember when our little kmart became rather large kmart and then last summer it became Big Fuckin K. it was pretty hectic.
Now you run in and it takes you 4 minutes to find something. it takes you 40 minutes standing in line, no matter how many people are ahead of you.
chisken it a store 050517
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