Death of a Rose a smile turned upside down. 040330
pd i've discovered its easier to scowl when you're feeling not-real and lonesome and irritated that you feel like that. noone asks you if you're all right when you're scowling. its a good way to hide. y'hun....almost too good... 040330
Doar frown at the owl,
just sitting pretty,
imitate it's scowl,
just another ditty.
oldephebe oh bring me
the bruising fugues
of your frown,
your brow,
your face contorted
into a scowl
I will give you
an empty,
Doar A learned response to unpleasant circumstance,
Just another intinctive emotional gesture.
lost in my head Unfortunately, I find that a scowl is my natural facial expression. So when I'm just walking and thinking people always ask me what' s wrong and why am I looking so mean. Honestly I don't try to look mean and scowl; It's just how I look! Leave me alone people. When people ask me why I'm scowling when I'm not even trying to then I scowl on purpose and use angry words. 050329
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