dafremen Ahhh the seat and source of learning and knowledge (conditioning and brainwashing.) It is here that a healthy love of all things institutional, competitive and faceless begins.

Sweet, sweet school_daze gone by...

Eleventyus_the_Eleventyeth If you still think that free school will teach you, you're mistaken. Public school is guaranteed for everyone willing to show up, and your education for 12 years was a waste of time.

don't you feel it too?

We need better schools in America. Schools where people aren't just taught to read . . . most of the time. Schools where a high school diploma comes with an associate's or a bachlor's if a child can prove it early on.

The better we teach our children now, the better society will treat us in our old age.

I have a vision of a school were runnning, english, stretching, history, kung fu and mathmatics are taught. A place where a student is bettered as a human being instead of being stored and managed like a product.

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