ellipses The leftover foreskin after a circumcision is performed. 050106
The Great Dictator Sam Goldwitz 080901
blah The word "Schmuck" is as offensive to a Jew as "nigger" is to a black person. 080926
The Great Dictator Well, Golshitz is the reason there needs to be another holocaust. 080926
epitome of incomprehensibility Perusing blather and immaturely curious about what I'd find here...

blah: maybe you're kidding, but no, it's the equivalent of "dick" in Yiddish (literally a penis, metaphorically a bad person) plus the idea of being out of luck or gullible (e.g. "that poor shmuck"). Yiddish was/is a language primarily spoken by European Jews and many of its words spread to English.

As an aside... I don't really get genitalia-based insults. It made me smile when a classmate in tenth grade tried to convince people that "cunt" was a horrible thing that no one should ever say. Thinking about it now, I guess she said what she did because it can be used in a very misogynist way; that's also why "dick" isn't considered quite so bad... but in the interests of fairness I try to avoid both. (Not in the literal sense. Or yes? I'm rather biunsexual sometimes.) But shmuck is fun to say... the "sh" + consonant sound is inherently funny for some reason.
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